Crepes and Cream

After our photo ops with his family, Tita Amie decides to hear the mass at Quiapo Church and leave us alone to celebrate our monthsary. Since its too early for us to go home, Ian choose to have some desserts, so he suggest to try again Crepes. Of course Ian's treat.. Haha.. I ordered Mango Mania. It includes Mango Ice Cream, Real Mango fruit and cream. I really like the taste since they don't put any food coloring at all. It's all natural.

Mango Mania Php 105.00

Since strawberry is one of Ian's favorite fruit, he ordered Choco Strawberry Cream with special toppings additional Php 15.00 only for Strawberry Ice cream, mini marsh mallows and Choco sauce.

Choco Strawberry Cream with special toppings Php 110.00

So inlove with each other..

Crepes and Cream
Level 2 Center Atrium Midtown
Robinson's Place
Ermita, Manila