It’s been almost 7 months since the pandemic starts and the whole world is not prepared about this virus and so we are. Ang daming kong natutunan/nagawa during months, super daming events and despite what is happening in this world, I’m still thankful because our family are safe, we are safe from COVID19. I hope all well is well with you guys. Please stay safe.

Anyway, let’s talk about the title of this blog.  Lockdown has taught me what is truly valuable in life and what’s a façade. It’s given me an opportunity to appreciate what truly matters, God, family and friends and understanding what I really want in life and rediscovering myself, my passions, my interest and most important the true value of family and time.

The day before the lockdown, most of us panicked on what will happen next. Kami rin nagpanic and nag worried kung pano yung food namin for the next 2 weeks, good thing prior to lockdown nakapag grocery na kami for 2 weeks. But still there are lot of things that bothers me, nakakatakot ang Coronavirus (based sa mga nababalitaan before, videos from China, testimonies ng mga may covid, etc)

I learned to appreciate every single moment with my family, every blessing that we received. Maliit man sya o malaki, wala akong araw na di nagpapasalamat kay Lord. Anyway, will make kwento about what happened to us during this pandemic.


More time with family

Since we are both working, we have limited time with the kids before. We worked 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day and weekends are so short, minsan we forgot to take some time with the kids. During weekend, we make sure to spend more time with them by taking them to the mall or swimming at the clubhouse. Until this pandemic happens. We stayed at house 24/7, spend more time with the kiddos whole day, we were able to play with them, read stories before bed time and even watch movies together aka movie night namin. This is the longest time we spent together with the kids, without any distractions.

We even get to know more about our kids, their differences, their likes and dislikes, their attitude towards each other, basta mas nakilala namin silang 2 and I am so happy that I was able to spend more time with them. No regrets at all kasi before super kulang ang oras para sa kanila, but now nakabawi kami kahit papano. They are growing up so fast that’s why we make sure to treasure all the memories while they still young.


#Plantita of the year

After my operation last June, I divert myself by taking care of plants. I don’t know why all of a sudden nahilig ako sa plants, maybe because I want to think about my operation. Two weeks after my major operation, I requested my husband to accompany me at the plant shop near our place and dahil sa dami kong nagustuhan, I purchased worth Php 3,000 plants. Hehe. I love plants and make sure to spend time at the balcony, fixing my plants, do some painting, repotting and organizing it. I even put some indoor plants para mas maging maaliwalas ang bahay. My husband asked me what do I like for our anniversary and I told him to buy me plants. Indeed, wish granted! Now, I’m still collecting plants kahit na wala na kong mapaglagyan, meron sa CR, sa room namin, sa room ng mga bata, kitchen, sala and balcony. I want to buy pa sana, pero ang problema kung san ko ilalagay. Hehe.


Better Wife, Best Mommy

This is according to my husband and kids. Kulang nalang bigyan nila ako ng award and trophy, but I really appreciate it. Mas naging hands-on ako during this pandemic, I cooked good meals for us, ako nagpapaligo sa mga bata, nakikipaglaro sa kanila, I even got to know more about my husband kasi this is the longest time as of today na nasa bahay lang kami. We also continue our #MarriageFirstFriday by movie night and sometimes inuman sa loob ng room namin while watching movies at Netflix. I can’t believe na we are doing it now kasi before hindi naman kami nag iinuman 2. Hehe.


Best Mommy! Yan ang laging sinasabi ng mga kids ko sa akin. They are both happy kasi nasa bahay lang kami ng Daddy nya and I’m so happy that I watched them grow.



We are now homeowners of a 2BR condo unit in Sucat for 2 years now and during this pandemic we realized that we didn’t have that much things in the house, mahirap rin magbuo ng isang magandang bahay, malaking gastos and after our discussion, we decided to make some make-over. Can you believe that after 2 years, finally we have cabinet na sa room. Amazing!!! 


Mommy R’s Bakeshop

During the 1st week of lockdown, I told my husband that I want to bake breads for our family. Since we have old mixer, I used it and baked some breads for our personal consumption until the mixer stopped working. I love to bake, in fact even before we got kids, my husband and I run a small business, we sell cupcakes to our friends until we decided to closed it when I got pregnant with Rhian. Family comes first, always.

I got surprised when my husband gave me a stand mixer 2 weeks after my operation. Yehey! Finally, I can bake more breads and cakes this time. I started following my favorite chef and got amazed about his baking skills. Naeexplain nya lahat, he is generous enough to share his recipes too, without him hindi ako makakapag open ng small business ko. Thank you, Chef RV Manabat!

Now, I have 1k followers at FB and 150+ in IG. I have also lot of repeat customers who really love my baked goodies especially the Cheesy Milky Doughnuts. Please follow me at fb, and IG at @mommyrbakeshop.

For orders, please message me at my FB page. 😊


Despite all that has one on, there have been so many positives coming to this world. It forced us to step back, pause for a while, appreciate what it means to live and understand the true meaning of life. Well, life won’t be the same after and that’s okay.


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Hi guys, I'm back!!! 

Pero wala pa talaga akong maayos na post because I'm sooooooo busy as in and super happy sa bago kong pinagkakaabalahan, Gardening and Baking. I will make kwento na pag marami na kong time, sa ngayon I want to share with you my small business and hopefully you can support me with this. 

Please visit and like my facebook page ( and Instagram account, @mommyrbakeshop.

If you want to order, send me message at our page and please stay safe guys!

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Choco Banana Loaf with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts | Triple Chocolate Cookies | Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Moist Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache (8x8)

Choco Banana Loaf with Chocolate Chips on top

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The day I decided to undergo hysterectomy at age 35, I felt relieved. 

This will be my very personal post. I think a hundred times before I decided to share this with you of course with husband’s consent. At first, I’m really hesitant to write it here but I want to remember the day when we accepted the plans of God in our lives.  

I wrote in this blog about my journey in fighting Fibroids last 2019, I even posted here that we spent many months attempting nonsurgical options to save my uterus and prevent my heavy bleeding due to myoma. I have tried Esmya, Mirena IUD, and even underwent 2 Hysteroscopic surgeries but still I’m bleeding. 

I consulted my 1st OB about my situation last March but she decided to postpone our operation because Covid-19 invades the world, lockdown has been implemented in the country and I have no choice but to wait until everything will be back in normal, unfortunately, it did not happen until now. 

For 2 months at home, I experienced anxiety that cause me sleepless nights. I take Melatonin before bedtime to have proper sleep but sad to say it has no effect in me.  For 2 months I worried about my monthly period, it’s heavy and I know I need to do something to stop it so I decided take Hemostan twice a day to control my bleeding.  (I have prescriptions from my OB) After two cycles, I know there’s something wrong with my body as I experienced spotting or light bleeding again after 2 weeks. This time, I told my husband that we should ask for my OB’s advise and to check if my hemoglobin is still in range. During the MECQ last May 22, we decided to visit MMC DR for check-up. When people are afraid to go to the hospital in fear of getting COVID-19, my husband and I brave to visit Makati Med together with our PPE. Wala kaming choice, kailangan akong ma check-up na. 

As soon as I arrived at the DR, the nurse started to do interview about my health history, they also require me to do Chest X-Ray, TVS Ultrasound and CBC test before they can assist me, this is one of their new protocols as the COVID-19 cases here in the Philippines are still increasing. Thank God, the Chest X-Ray result shows that I have clear lungs. However, for the nth time, my hemoglobin counts is below normal. The resident doctor called my OB to update the results of my lab test. During our phone conversation, my OB decided to do Hysterectomy immediately because it will be life threatening if my period will come and cause me severe anemia again. At that very moment, I cannot decide on my own, I need to tell everything to my husband and ask for his side. I need to do clearance before my surgery but it’s so hard to get an appointment to Cardio doctor as most of the clinics are closed because of MECQ in Metro Manila. 

Fast forward, at the very last minute we changed our OB doctor as we encounter personal problem with her. I will not discuss it anymore to keep her reputation safe. I still love her by the way. It’s our personal choice to change my OB and we are very happy that we did it.  Now, my new OB doctor is Dra. Margaret Cristi - Limson who did my 2 Hysteroscopic surgery last November 2019 and February 2020. She is one of the best doctors for me, she did the surgery very well and I’m super satisfied with her service. We only visit her clinic twice before the surgery and our communication is via text. Promise I really love her, she replied to my text and make sure that I am safe with my upcoming procedure. 

After discussing with Dra. Limson about my situation (I showed the TVS result to her, sad to say, the fibroid inside my uterus grows bigger), she offered us two solutions to choose from either Myomectomy or Hysterectomy. We decided the latter part, as we know the consequences in my life if we chose the first one.  I don’t want repeated blood transfusion and worried about recurrence. My doctor explains the risk and benefits of the procedure to me and I know that it is the best solution to our problem.

Before the procedure, I need to prepare two bags of red blood cell and I need to undergo COVID-19 swab test. This is another new protocol in the hospital, take note the swab test is not covered by HMO and Philhealth, so this will be on your own expense. The test is so expensive and a little bit ouchie. We paid 8,150 for swab test and after two days, I got the result via email- it’s negative, thank you Lord. Well, di naman ako talaga nalabas so I am confident enough that the result will be negative. Now, our next problem is to look for donors who are willing to donate blood for me, kailangan rin na ka blood type ko which is B+. This is one of the hardest part for us, san kami makakahanap ng ka blood type ko and willing to go to the hospital to donate blood e halos lahat ng tao takot pumunta sa hospital.  But I really believe that God will make his way to help us, one of our officemates help to get blood at Red Cross Manila super hirap makahanap talaga ng blood that time dahil wala daw nag dodonate ng blood since COVID-19 outbreak. Thank God, we got one. Thank you, Ms. Maricar Reyes. 

I’m also thankful to our neighbors, Jigs and Bernard who went to St. Lukes Global with us to donate blood for me unfortunately they are not qualified to donate that time due to Hemoglobin count issue. But again, God makes his way to help me, as Ms. Bebot donates her blood for me. I really appreciate all the efforts that they gave to me. 

Since we already have the requirements before my operation, Dra. Limson decided to schedule it on June 1 in time for the GCQ in Metro Manila. At first, we asked her if we can move the operation on June 3 for us to prepare myself however due to her schedule it’s not possible. So this is it! 

On our way to St. Lukes BGC
May 31, Sunday after lunch we went to St. Lukes Global for admission. We handed the documents needed and waited for the available room. While waiting we ate at the 5th floor for merienda and after 30 minutes I got a call from the admission that my room is already available. My HMO limit is Php 180,000 with room classification to Regular Private. The staff assisted us in the 8th floor, which assigned for newly birth mother. 

As we enter the room, we both amazed how big it is. It is much bigger compare to the regular private rooms in Makati Med. The room is equipped with personal ref, tv, safety deposit box and private bathroom. They provided a kit with shampoo, conditioner, small towel and cup. Pag dating naman sa kit, mas okay sa Makati Med kasi they provided complete set of toiletries with alcohol pa. Anyway, sharing with you my room for 5 days. 

My operation will be at 6:30am, my doctor prefers to do it early in the morning so that the energy level is high. The nurse told me that I will not take any meals 8 hours before my procedure so may last meal and water intake should be before 10:30pm. They handed me also a Nex Chorex C2 Shower- Bath Kit that I need to use prior to my surgery. Meaning, I need to take a bath twice (8:30pm and 4:30am of June 1). This is new to me kasi wala naman ganito sa Makati Med. If you notice I always compare these two hospitals as I always have my procedure done at MMC and this will be my first time in St. Lukes, BGC. 

In Sickness and In Health 
IV Insertion 
Videocall with the kiddos

Fast forward again, June 1, 2020 - I woke up by 4am to take a bath and pray for my safety. By 4:40am they wheeled me at the OR in 3rd floor. My husband is not allowed to come with me as they are very strict due to the pandemic. Bawal ang pagala gala sa loob ng hospital that’s why we bring lots of food with us para di na sya lalabas through out our stay in the hospital. 

with my very supportive husband
Bagong ligo, ready for the operation
I stayed at the waiting room for two hours where they conduct skin test for the antibiotics. They monitor my vital signs and wait for the go signal of my doctor. The anesthesiologist came in and explains to me the procedure in getting the anesthesia and make sure that everything will be fine. My anesthesiologist is the head of Anesthesiology and also anesthesiologist of some artists like Kris Aquino, Dr. Jonnel Lim. Super bait nya and super nice, he explained to me everything that I need to know kaya kampante ako sa kanya. 

By 6:30am, the nurses wheeled me at one of the Operating Rooms; at that time bumalik lahat sa memory ko what happened to my two CS last 2014 and 2015. I feel so nervous to the point na nakikita ng Anes doctor ko yung heartbeat ko na lumalakas daw, while waiting for Doctora Limson the nurses help me to calm down and give assurance that they are with me throughout the procedure. Sa totoo lang kinakabahan talaga ako but I pray so hard and trust God and the doctors about my surgery. (I read Psalm 91 and Psalm 121 both readings about protection in time of danger, I also read 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 and Hebrews 12: 3-13 for relief in time of suffering)

When Doctora Limson arrived, they started the procedure (6:50am). I remember Dr. Lim started to put something in my IV that makes me groggy.  They put me in supine position where they will insert a needle and tiny tube in my lower part of my back. I remember Doc Lim told me that the needle is removed and the catheter left in place for delivery of the medication through the tube as needed. Honestly, naramdaman ko yung pag inject sa spinal ko, though mas masakit parin yung pag lagay ng unang IV sa akin. Haha. 

After that, I felt asleep. I just woke up groggy when Doctora Limson shows me my Myoma, since Malabo ang mata ko, red and white lang nakita ko. I can hear her saying about my bladder but since groggy parin ako, di ko na sya naintindihan. Hehe. The procedure lasted for 2 hours and 10 minutes or by 9:00am. They performed Subtotal Abdominal Hysterectomy with Adhesiolysis. I still have ovaries, fallopian tubes and my cervix are intact. My OB just removed my uterus where the fibroid located. I only loss 200ml blood, Thank God they didn’t transfuse me blood and my vital signs are also stable.  As I’d said my goodbyes to my uterus, I say thank you for its service and the beautiful children I carried for 9 months.  

Here’s the operative findings:

“There was a dense adhesion of the bladder at the anterior midcorpus extending to the cervix. Myoma attached anteriorly, 80% Submocous. Uterus measures 6x5x5cm with smooth serosa and the endometrium is thin. Bilateral adnexa were grossly normal.”

Left Photo: My Uterus (Can you see the scar? I got it for my 2 CS)
Right Photo: The Fibroid (Myoma)
I woke up in mild pain inside the recovery room where the nurses are there to check me from time to time.  While waiting for the go signal from the doctor to send me in my room, I prayed and thank the Lord for the successful surgery then I realized two things, One, after living with the pain of a uterine fibroid and many months of suffering, I will never again have an uncomfortable or inconvenient period every month and the other one is a deeper fear became clear: Was I less of a woman because my body was no longer capable of doing what a woman’s body was evolutionarily made to do? I do not have a uterus. I will never have another baby. Goodbye Uterus, Hello Grief. I’m not sure exactly what triggered a sense of loss after the surgery but I think I faced my own expulsion from the club of fertile women. During my 2-hours stay in the RR, I think of our happy memories, my family and friends who pray for me and keep reminding myself that I’m still blessed to have two beautiful children given by God. 

Prior to my surgery, I joined some group of women who undergone Hysterectomy and as I read some of their testimonials said that it is one of the best things they’d ever done for their health. I got lots of positive advise from them like I need to stay ahead of my pain medication, rest and ask for help during my recovery period, most important is to listen to my body’s cues and to ease back into normal life gradually. 

As my I arrived at our room, my husband welcomes me with a smile, he even take us photos together and he make sure that everything will be okay now. Iba ang thinking nya, super positive, kaya kahit papano nawala ang lungkot ko.  For 3 days, I struggled not only with pain, bad reaction in one of the pain relievers given to me via IV and extreme fatigue but I also experienced a kind of mourning for those parts of me that had been removed. I know I’d made the right decision to have hysterectomy so I could be healthy, but a part of my womanhood that left me with a pervasive feeling of emptiness. I’m only 35, I’m not too old to have another baby, and we really love to have another baby. I’m so jealous whenever I saw a friend or even an woman shared a picture of her pregnancy belly on Facebook and IG and I though about how I’ll never again feel the kicks of a life inside me, that kick is one of the most wonderful experience ever! But still I was hoping for a couple of weeks to get used to the idea of it being gone without having to talk about it. 

Finally, out from the Recovery Room (1st photo taken after procedure)
1st Selfie after procedure.
Thank you Lord for my successful operation

I got a sweet message from my eldest :)
Our first breakfast after my surgery
2nd Day and I need to stand up and walk
I got discharge last June 4 with grateful heart as I got tons of positivity in life. I decided to get advice from my loving friend with hysterectomies, Ms. Beth who claimed it was the best decision she ever made and my thoughts took a different turn. Thank you, Mother sa bawat messages mo sa akin at pag sagot sa never ending questions ko about my new life. 

Now, I’m 2-weeks post op and little by little I can manage the pain and began resuming normal activities. I realized how much that fibroid had affected my daily life. Sometimes whenever I see myself in the mirror, I realized again that I don’t have a uterus, that I will never have another baby, that Project Baby Boy will never happen but instead of feeling emptied, I though of why I chose to have hysterectomy to begin with. I will never again endure the pain of a fibroid. I will never get worried about my heavy bleeding and in fear of blood transfusion every month. I will never again curl up in bed with a heating pad and ointment because of cramps. 

I’m still in recovering period, whenever I feel like I’m less of a woman, I remind myself that my uterus was only a piece of what makes me a woman. My womanhood is evident with one look at my children, both of whom look so much like me that there’s no mistaking that my body was, at one point in time, capable of creating them. It may have been difficult to believe those long-term benefits were coming, but I now know I can handle whatever feelings of loss and what-ifs come my way, because my wellness is worth it.


I thank my husband who’s with me throughout this battle, who never left me, who stands with me, who give me his full support and make sure that our decision is the best for me, for us. I cannot do this without him; he is my strength and everything.  I love you honey. 

My first night at Home (#TeamVillareal)
I thank my family who supports us in our decision. They took care of our children during the time of my procedure.  I love you all. 

Thanksgiving Merienda/Early Dinner 
I thank my closes friends who always comfort me and support our decisions. Alam kong nag alala kayo but with your jokes and advices, nakaya ko. Love ko kayo kahit bully kayo. Hehe. 

I thank my doctor, Doctora Margareth Limson who did the successful surgery and never left me. Who make sure that I will be fine and doing well. Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 

Last but not the least, Thank you, Lord for keeping me safe always. For guiding us to decided what is best for me and for loving me unconditionally. Thank you. 

And to those who pray for me, you know who you are, Thank you. May God Bless you always. 

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In tough times, Lord, let me stay motivated and calm. Let me look at how far I have come rather than how far I still have to go. Let me continue counting my blessings and not what I've been missing. May everyday bring new chances to grow, new beautiful things to see, new plans to do and new goals to pursue, as every new day is God's miracle day. AMEN.

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Every end of the year I make sure to write a review about what happened to me and my little family. Gusto ko kasi Makita if I/we achieved our goals for that year. Iba rin kasi ang feeling if you recall all the things happened, on how you overcome all the struggles you encounter and all the achievements and blessings that you received.

I must say that 2019 is really roller coaster ride not only for me but also for my whole family. On the 1st and 2nd quarter of the year, everything seems to be okay. Rhian celebrated her 5th birthday at school and had our staycation at Marco Polo Hotel for her simple celebration, my kids graduated from Junior and Senior Nursery (Now I have Kinder and Senior Nursery), celebrated our 1st anniversary at #TeamVillarealHome and we had our first family outing at La Luz Beach Hotel for my mom’s birthday.

On the 3rd and 4th quarter this year is one of the most challenging months for us though it proves us that having your family on your side, everything will be okay. This is the first time where I undergo blood transfusion (3 bags) because of my myoma. You want to know more about my health issue, click here. Now, I’m still recuperating and fighting at the same time.

My panic and anxiety attack this year. I thought I already overcome it after we got married, but to my surprise it comes back during the time when I found out about my myoma. Its not easy to beat the two but with the grace and glory of our Lord and my very supportive husband and family, I’m here standing and keeping the faith that everything will be back in normal, that the panic and anxiety that I am experiencing now will disappear soon.

I believe that God gave us hardships in life to test our faith and to surrender all to him. Sometimes our plans don’t work out because God has a better ones, and God’s plan is always the best, though the process is painful and hard but I always believe that when God is silent, He’s doing something special for you that’s why despite of these difficulties we faced there are lot of blessings that we received this year.

I also crossed out some of my goals in 2019 like learn how to drive (well, magyayabang lang ako na marunong na kong mag drive, di lang sya within our vicinity ha kasi nakakapag drive narin ako from our place in Sucat going to Makati and Muntinlupa. Hehe), I also crossed out about my children’s room though di pa sya completely finish but one of our main goal is to purchase bed for my kids. This is actually our Christmas gift to our children as they wanted to sleep na sa own room nila, so wish grated. We ordered for a customized bunk bed at KrazyKyle's Kahoy’s World and will deliver on the 1st quarter next year, customized kasi kaya matagal ang delivery. Sila na ang super excited! I will share some photo pag nadeliver na, promise. 😉

This year, we also purchased our bed frame. Yes! This is also one of our goals last year, ang makabili ng bed frame sa kama namin. Simple lang db pero gusto ko na talagang humiga sa kama na may frame since for almost 7 years na kutson lang kami natutulog because we are still co-sleeping with our kids, but on the 1st quarter of this year we decided na to cross out one of our goals. Finally, may bed frame na kami! Hehe. Simple lang db, pero super happy talaga kami. Kaya mas lalo akong na adict sa pagbili ng mga bed sheets. Hihi. 

I also started our small business last September; I enter the world of resellers. I got a direct supplier of Gourmet Tuyo and Tinapa and sell it in the office and sa community namin. Though the income is not that much for now (well, we already reach the ROI for our small business), I know pag may tyaga, may nilaga. Kaya if you want to order Gourmet Tuyo or Tinapa, let me know. Promise masarap sya! Always fresh delivery from the Province of Lucena City!

We also started our Healthy Living Life in our family, by eating less pork and eat more fish and vegetables. Yes! There are times that we don’t eat pork for 1 week, more on fish talaga kaya nasanay narin kaming mag punta sa wet market to buy fresh fish. Malayo pa kami sa goal namin but at least this year we already started our Healthy Living Life.

Last but not the least, one of our dreams come true! Out of the country with the whole family! Yes! Hindi lang #TeamVillareal ang nag out of the country, but pati ang #LumberioFamily kasama! Grabe, this is one of my happiest moment with my family. 1st time kasi to mga besh at matagal naplan and finally natuloy rin kami. Ang daming nangyari before our flight schedule (I will discuss this on my separate post) but God is so good talaga, di nya hinayaan na di matuloy ang out of the country namin. Thank you, Lord! 

I know that God gave us not perfect life, not perfect family but I believe that God knows the best for us. There are lot of lessons that we learned this year, challenges that we surpass, goals that we achieved and gain friends that we treat as a family. I know that this is not our best year but still, I want to thank 2019 for all the lessons and I believe that 2020 is going to be one of the best years ever! 2020, I’m Ready!

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Does God sometimes test our faith by letting hard times to happen? 

This is the first time I will share about my health in public. It's so difficult to me to accept what happened before but I know that God has a better plan for me, for us.

It all started last January this year. I experienced heavy bleeding which is unusual for me. Di ako ganon kalakas mag bleed pag may period, I though pagod lang ako because of holidays and birthdays na halos sabay sabay. But to my surprised, I got my period again after 2 weeks which is so strange for me. Sino bang nagkaka period in the span of 2 weeks db, so what I did was I went to my OB for check-up and she requested for tranvaginal ultrasound. I had my ultasound on February 4 and I was alarmed as my OB doctor told me I have Retroverted uterus with Myoma (FIGO 3) meaning the location of my myoma is 100% intramural but contacts endometrium. The size of my Myoma is 44.3x40.0x36.8mm posterior intramural. Good thing I have normal ovaries and I ovulate on my left.

I have no idea about Myoma, basta alam ko lang is I experienced Dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps which I never had before. I cried literally. Pano ako nagkaroon ng Myoma? San ko nakuha yun? Anong dapat gawin? Those are the questions that I need immediate answers. I was down, gulong gulo ako. As I visited her clinic, she advise me to wait for another 6 months to check if the fibroids is improving or not. She did not give any medications as I’m totally doing fine. 

To give you idea about Fibroids, I’m done with my research and found out that almost 70-80% of women will develop fibroids in their lifetime. Here are some information about F*cking Fibroids.

What are uterine fibroids?

Fibroids are benign tumors made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue. They develop in the uterus. It is estimated that 70-80% of women will develop fibroids in their lifetime—however, not everyone will develop symptoms or require treatment. The most important characteristic of fibroids is that they are not cancer, and they do not have the potential to become cancer. Because of that, it is reasonable for women without symptoms to opt for observation rather than treatment. Studies show us that fibroids grow at different rates, even in the same woman, and can range from the size of a pea to the size of a watermelon. (

What causes uterine fibroid tumors?

The cause of uterine fibroids is not known, although studies demonstrate there may be a genetic component. There is no food or external exposure that a woman can have that can cause her to develop fibroids.

What are the symptoms of uterine fibroids?

Most women with fibroids will experience no symptoms at all. However, for many women large or numerous fibroids can cause the following symptoms: 

•    Heavy or prolonged periods
•    Bleeding between periods
•    Pelvic pain and pressure
•    Frequent urination
•    Low back pain
•    Pain during intercourse

Sad to say, I experienced lahat kaya alam kong may something wrong sa body ko. A piece of advise lang to all my readers, listen to your body very well lalo na kung symptomatic ka, if you think there’s something wrong pa check up agad kayo. 

Fast forward, last July 12 my officemates brought me at ER in Makati Medical Center as I suffer nausea and dizziness after lunch. That time, I just got my first day of period and its heavy. Napansin lang ako ng 1 sa mga boss ko na I look pale and tired, by that time I’m going to the comfort room and hilong hilo na ko, Thank God one of my officemates assist me and hold me tight kasi feeling ko matutumba na ko. She immediately helped me reach our company nurse, take necessary actions and informed my superiors that I need to rush at MMC. Good thing, my office is just a few blocks away from the hospital, so after 10 minutes we safely arrived at the ER. My BP is now 80/50 and the nurses in the ER place me in the Critical room as I need to check immediately. 

They informed me that I need to get CBC and full abdomen CT-scan to know about my abdominal cramps even though I told them I have myoma and Dysmenorrhea, still they proceed with the CT-scan. After almost 2 hours of waiting, I got the result and it shows that I have lower Hemoglobin count, guess what its 7.30 and the normal is 12.3 – 15.3. O db halos magkalahati nalang yung blood ko due to heavy bleeding. The Physician at ER referred to my OB doctor about my situation and ordered for blood transfusion! Yes! Need daw akong Salinan ng dugo! What?! At that very moment, isa lang nasa isip ko, gusto ko ng umuwi ang makasama ang mga anak ko. But I have no choice, I need to undergo blood transfusion (3 bags) to normalize my blood circulation. They also perform another Tranvi ultrasound to check the size and location of my Myoma. Sad to say, the size grows and now classified as FIGO 2 Submucosal, & 50% intramural, in layman’s terms half ng myoma ko nasa loob ng uterus and half nasa “meat” ng uterus. ☹
I got the discharge order after 3 days in the hospital. That was a horrible experience for me so far as I’ve never been in the hospital except during my delivery with my two kids. Ang hirap pala and totoo, feeling ko mas magkakasakit ako pag nagtagal pa ko sa hospital. Thank God, my hemoglobin count increase to 9.20. Pwede na daw, but still I need to drink vitamins rich in Iron and of course to take necessary actions about my situation. 

After 1 week, we went back to my doctor to consult about my situation. She explained to me my two options, either I will take the GnRH or Hysterectomy. What is the difference between the two options and what will be the effects on me? These are the questions that we want a concrete answer.
GnRH or Gonadotropin-releasing hormone hormone is a medicine that puts your body into a state like menopause for as long as you take it but maximum of 6 months to use. This therapy may be a good choice if you are close to menopause (the time when fibroids shrink), have heavy bleeding from fibroids or you are planning to have surgery. This is not 100% guarantee that my fibroids will shrink, kasi after 6 cycles mag bleed parin ako. Hysterectomy on the other hand is a surgical operation to remove the uterus where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant. In short, pag eto pinili ko wala na kong chance mag baby boy. Huhu.

Giving only two options, super nadepress ako. I need to decide immediately as I experienced excessive bleeding due to myoma. Hindi sya madali for me, I need to think the pros and cons of each procedures. Sa isip ko, ayokong magpaopera! Ayokong dumaan ulit sa major operation at lalong ayoko pang matangalan ng matres!!! I want to have another child! I want to have baby boy! I know I was born to have three kids!  I thank God for giving me very supportive husband, family and closest friends as they advise me to take second opinion. Baka may iba pang way to remove my Myoma na di need ng major surgery. I consult 6 OB Doctors from St. Luke’s Global and Makati Medical Center and all of them have the same advice, either GnRH or Hysterectomy. Oh by the way, there is one doctor that told me she can remove only the Myoma via Myomectomy still open surgery then she will cut small hole in my uterus to scrap the almost 50mm myoma, meaning I can still save my uterus. Nakahinga ako ng maluwag because I know there are other way to remove it, though major surgery sya still my uterus remains intact. 

I went back to my OB and asks her if she can do the Myomectomy. Gusto ko kasi sa kanya ipagawa since she already knows my history, OB ko na sya since dalaga ako kaya kampante ako sa kanya. Unfortunately, that procedure cannot be done to my case especially if we want to have another baby. Why? Pag nag cut sya ng small opening on my uterus then nirepair nya, once na nagbuntis ulit ako, malaki ang chance na maging magka “Uterine Rupture” ako. 

“Uterine rupture is spontaneous tearing of the uterus that may result in the fetus being expelled into the peritoneal cavity. Uterine rupture is rare. It can occur during late pregnancy or active labor. Uterine rupture occurs most often along healed scar lines in women who have had prior cesarean deliveries.” (source:

It can actually kill me and my baby if that happens and we don’t want to risk our lives. This is another test that we need to face together, para bang nabuhayan na kami nung una then all of a sudden, di pala pwede sa akin. You know how if feels? Nakaka depress! There are times that I cry inside our car pauwi, I keep on asking Ian “Why me?” I want to have another child, I want to have a big family. But now, what?! I’m sad, totally sad. I got anxiety attack again (I had this feeling before we got married). I keep on praying that God show us strength to face this kind of trials and we ask for his guidance for any decisions that we need to choose. 

Fast forward, last September 11, I decided to go to my OB clinic in Makati Med for check-up (This is supposedly schedule on September 14) however, when I got the result of my CBC, it shows that I have low Hemoglobin count again. WTF?! I only have 7.50 and again, the normal is 12.3 – 15.3. I immediately went in the Emergency room as I experience dizziness, I showed the result and immediately request for blood transfusion, meaning I need to stay in the hospital for another day. This time, my husband and I decided the other option of my OB – to put Mirena IUD to stop the bleeding. Mirena IUD is not covered with health card so we need to shell out Php 30k for the device and for the doctors PF. Ang bigat sa bulsa besh! Blood transfusion again, this time 2 bags only.

Upon discharge, we are all hoping and praying that the IUD will help me to stop the bleeding and to make the fibroids small, but honestly during the time the IUD is with me I can’t explain what I really feel. I search for the side effects of the device and found out the pros and cons of it. Lahat yun napagdaanan ko and I even asked myself and my husband, “Tama ba decision natin?”, “Mag wowork kaya to sa akin?”. I have so many questions in my mind not knowing that my anxiety attacks me again. Promise, I think that’s the worst decision we ever made. Why? Ang dami kong nararamdaman na hindi naman dapat. Headache, mood swing, dizziness, anxiety, mild cramps but most of all, I’m still bleeding! Yes! I thought having Mirena, the bleeding will stop, but it continues and worst part mas lalong lumakas. Huhu. 

October 26, Ian and I went in the market for our weekly grocery when I felt faintness. I even asked Ian that I need to sit down because nahihilo talaga ako ang nagdidilim paningin ko. Good thing, one of the vendors share his chair and let me sit for a while. Unfortunately, muntik na kong mahimatay sa hilo and nanlalamig na talaga ako. The people around the area panicked as I really look pale. My husband keeps on talking to me para di ako makatulog or something until one good Samaritan gave me “Katinko”. I feel relieved but still I experience mild dizziness. When we got home, we decided to visit my OB to check if my IUD is in place. Good thing, the Mirena is still intact. 

Fast Forward, I’m not feeling well last November 5 so I decided not to go to work and visit my OB about my continuous bleeding. We ate breakfast and I lie down on our bed when suddenly I felt that there are lots of blood flowing on my legs. I immediately went to the comfort room when my bleeding continues. Grabe! Nakakatakot, kung baga pag buntis ka at malapit ka ng manganak, yung panubigan mo pumutok na. So instead of water, blood ang lumalabas sa akin! Promise, super natakot ako to the point na I yell and called my husband to accompany me at the Emergency Room.

When we arrived, the nurses immediately assist me as I told them that my bleeding continuous. They brought me in Critical room where they put me IV and dextrose. They even put me oxygen to support my breathing. The resident doctor order for CBC and urine test, even though I told them that I’m not pregnant its SOP in the hospital to undergo Pregnancy test. They rely my situation to my OB and order for immediate transfer from ER to DR for close monitoring, Dr. Bustos also instructs the resident doctor for 3 bags of blood transfusion. At Delivery Room, they conduct Internal Examination (IE) to check the status of my uterus, but sad to say during the procedure, ang daming dugong lumabas on my private area, I clearly look at the doctor and she’s worried about my situation. The IUD already flush out as the blood continuous to flow so they decided to put Tranexamic Acid via IV to stop the bleeding. Grabe, natakot ako. I keep on praying, mind over matter narin ang ginawa ko. I remember every single detail ng mga ginawa nila sa akin because I want to stay awake, I want to know kung anong mga next procedure na gagawin sa akin. 

After assessment, I need to undergo blood transfusion then Transvi ultrasound the following day and my OB decided to refer me to other OB doctor for the new procedure that I will take. This time, tinapat na ko ng OB ko as we need to decide immediately. We have another option, to do the Hyterescopic Myomectomy. This procedure removes fibroids through the vagina. This is more invasive and time consuming for the doctor and affords patients the opportunity to remain fertile. She refer to me Doctora Margaret Joyce Cristi -Limson, she’s one of the best doctors in Makati Med who do this kind of procedure as per Dra. Bustos, and since we trust our OB we decided to do the procedure. 

When I first met Dra. Limson, she explained to me my current situation and the procedure. I like her kasi wala syang paligoy ligoy sap ag eexplain, straight to the point kung baga and di sya nag sugar-coat just to satisfy the patients. Hysterescopic Myomectomy is a procedure where a long, thin scope with light is passed through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. Submucous or intracavitary myomas are easily visualized and be resected or removed using a wire loop but only fibroids that are small and accessible through the cavity can be treated this way, according to Dra. Limson. Good thing in this technique no incision is needed and the procedure itself will last for about 1.5 hours. You have also minimal need for recovery which is generally 1 week.  

My schedule is November 8, Friday since she’s already fully booked the whole week. Imagine, ganon kadami yung patients nya na may myoma and mag undergo ng procedure. Tsk Tsk. #MyomaSucks talaga. By 7am, they wheeled me at the Delivery room where I met my Anesthesiologist, Dra. Maria Vanessa Cristi – sister of Dra. Limson. She’s super nice, mukhang bata and she explained to me everything. After short interview, I fell asleep immediately. The last thing I remember is that I asked her “NIlalagyan nyo na po ba ako ng Anesthesia?” Haha. 

By 11:30am, I woke up inside recovery room. Thank God, the procedure was success! Everything went very well, my OB explained to my husband what she did to me, she even show the pieces of myoma she got from me. Madami dami narin naman daw, she just stopped the procedure because my BP went high. She was confident enough na nabawasan yung fibroids ko kahit papano. Well, I need to undergo 2nd procedure after 2 – 3 months para makuha lahat yung fibroids, the maximum she can remove is 3cm within maximum of 1 hour and I have almost 6 cm fibroids. Hayz. 

Feel blessed to have friends and family during those times that I feel so down
Videocall a day before my procedure
I rest for 1 week and now I’m taking Esmya tablet or the Progesterone Receptor Modulator (This medicine is sooooo expensive, Php 8,901 for 21 days). I take this for 3 months before taking my 2nd procedure. This medicine will help shrink my fibroid and hopefully no need for 2nd procedure. Now, no more bleeding, still recuperating and I feel everything will be back in normal very soon.

After 1 week, my husband and I decided to visit NSSH (This is where we got married) to thank the Lord for my successful procedure
Sometimes God pushes us to our limits, He tests us beyond our endurance because HE has greater FAITH in us than we have in ourselves. But you know what after what happened to me, I realized that we all get tested to see if God is first in our lives and Prayer is the best armor against all.

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