God has blessed me with two amazing young girls, namely Rhian and Rhaine but I often think about what life would be like if I have a son. Hhhhmm.. Not now ha, maybe tomorrow. Chos. Seriously speaking, I know gasgas na gasgas na tong word na to, but truly “Time flies so fast!”. Where did the time go? How is it slipping by so fast? I now have 5-year-old and 3-year-old children, they are growing up so fast! I don’t care how old they are now because for me both of them are still my babies.

I am proud of many things in my life but nothing beats being your MOM!
At Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Thank you for allowing me to be the one to help guide you through this crazy little thing called “LIFE”.
If only we could have a time machine that allowed us to go back and spend more time with our children, I will buy it and use it everyday because I know that I would pay almost anything to have another day with my children when they were babies. Tough I’m lucky enough that I was able to spend lots of time with my children especially weekend! Ang dami namin activities during weekend and my kids always look forward for that day. I really believe that nothing at all is more important than sharing precious time with your children as time will never come again.

Sharing is Caring
Merienda beside the pool area
At The Dessert Museum
At The Dessert Museum
At Circuit Mall, Makati
At Marco Polo Hotel Manila, Pasig
Morning Cheat Day :)
After mass at National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Everything seemed to be so much more important by spending quality time with my children like just sitting on the floor, playing a game with the children, help me cook, help me do the laundry and help me clean our house. Simple things but has a big impact to them. 

Rhian at 5 years old

Rhaine at 3 years old

A piece of advice to all parents, stay happy and the chances are your kids will be happy too and please enjoy your children while you can because they grow up so fast! 

#TeamVillareal at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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Yearly, I make sure to write down my/our goals for the year to serve this as our guide to work hard and accomplish our visions in life. We also learned how to focus on what is important and set aside the insignificant matter that hinders us to reach our goals. (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013)

2018 is one of our best years as of the moment as we received lots of blessings and achievement in life. Now 2019, we are praying so hard to accomplish our goals

Let me share you our simple goals this 2019. Simplehan lang natin para madaling makamit. 😊


Before year ends, my 2 daughters and I got sick. Flu hit our little family and we didn’t enjoy much our holiday breaks. Nakakasad! So this year, we want to bring back healthy living in the family. We do eat vegetables, fish and fruits but I decided to take it more serious in bringing healthy food in the house. Medyo di parin kasi bumababa yung bad cholesterol ko and my blood pressure raised up sometimes kaya I want to lesser our pork intake and be more vegetarian.

I plan also going back to my regular exercise – ZUMBA! Almost a year when I stop my exercise due, tapos narin kasi biggest loser kaya tinamdd na ko, but since I want to have a healthy body, mag eexercise na ulit ako and to reach my desire weight again. Medyo tumataba na ulit eh. Hehe. But I will do this healthy living for my two kids.


On March, we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary at #TeamVillarealHome and to be honest we still have lots of things to buy for our home. Di pala ganon kadali ang magpaganda ng Bahay (knowing na 2 BR lang kami ha). This year, we want to focus on decorating our children’s room (we are currently using it as their playroom), so that they can sleep in their own room na. Hopefully in God’s will, we can buy na beds for our kids and aircon since yun nalang ang kulang. Though parang di pa ko ready na di sila katabi sa kama, I think we need to train them early. #ProjectHappyHome


Ian and I dream to have cozy and relaxing bedroom, but since our kids are still sleeping with us, we don’t have bed frame for our kids’ safety, though Rhian has her own bed na, Rhaine on the other hand is still sleeps with us in bed. We already mounted our cable television and now we are planning to purchase lazy boy chair. Yes! Pangarap namin bumili nun. We also plan to buy bed frame once we bought bunk beds to be place at our children room. We want our room to be simple and clean, yun bang malamig sa mata pag pasok mo sa room, ayoko ng masyadong maraming kalat. I know we still have lots of things to do/buy and I know pa isa-isa muna sya until we reach our dream Masters Bedroom. #ProjectHappyHome


Last year, we have no out of town because we are enjoying the amenities in the club yun bang pag gusto namin mag swimming, bababa lang kami tapos andyan na yung pool. We also invite some of our relatives and friends to visit us and enjoy the amenities kaya mas marami mas masaya. Well, as far as I remember we just had one out of town pala when we visit Tagaytay Highlands last May and until now di ko parin sya nablo-blog. Waaahhh.

Lately our Rhian and Rhaine keeps on saying that they wanted to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Nakikita kasi nila yun sa youtube and they are excited to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person. We have individual alkan1sya and we just opened it on New Year’s Eve, kulang pa sya for our airfare tickets but hopefully we can have extra money this year so we make their dreams come true. Alam nyo yung everytime na maghuhulog kami sa alkasya sasabihin nila na this is for Disneyland. Hopefully we can score a promo fare on airlines so we can visit HK very soon.


I include this on my goals for 2018, unfortunately until now I don’t know how to drive. Boooo.. But I believe that I need to learn how to drive this year in case of emergency lalo na malayo na kami sa parents ko and what if OT si Ian or gagabihin sya then may emergency sa bahay, so I guess it’s a MUST that you know how to drive a car. Mabilis lang naman siguro matuto lalo na automatic yung sasakyan namin.


I’m happy to say that last year last quarter, I was able to put investment in the bank. This is one of the best decisions I made last year and now I plan to add more investment to prepare for our future. Mahirap sa mahirap because of our monthly expenses but kakayanin para magawa to. I just think of my kids future para may nilo-look forward ako.


Aside from our photobooth business, we wanted to start another business this year. We don’t have any idea on our mind and still searching kung anong maganda at pasok sa budget. Readers, if you have suggestions please let me know ha so we can review it and evaluate kung swak sya sa amin.

So that’s it pancit, hopefully we can achieve all these before year ends with the grace and glory of our Lord, I know we can.

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Happy New Year everyone!

How’s your Christmas and New Year? Bitin ba? Ikr kasi same tayo. 😊 I wish I can extend my vacation so I can spend more time with the kiddos. Medyo di ko nasulit long vacation namin since Rhian and I got sick during holiday break and that feeling is one of the worsts feeling I had so far and ayoko ng maulit ulit.

Anyway, during the times when I’m at bed (not feeling well because of the flu) I think of the things that happened to me/us for 2018 and to my surprised 2018 is one of the best years ever for my little family. We received lot of blessings, there are lots of “first” happened to us and there are less problems that we encountered. Thank you, Lord!

So let me share you how beautiful our life last year.


To start the year, my husband and I decided to visit Enchanted Kingdom with our little family.

We were able to watch Disney on Ice with the kiddos during my birthday celebration. This is one of my kids dream, to watch their favorite Disney characters up close and personal. Though, we were seated at lower box, the view is still amazing. 

We also celebrated Rhian's 4th Birthday at the hotel. You all know that we really love staycations. :)


This is one of the memorable months for us, because we finally got the keys for our #TeamVillarealHome. Yes! Nakapag turn-over narin kami! 

One of the romantic and unique dates we had as we joined the group date at Century Mall. We also participate in their contest and won overnight stay in one of their properties. Knowing us, Ian and I really value our marriage as we make sure to spend time together just the two of us remember our #MarriageFirstFriday, we still do it until now and promise to continue it forever. (Gumaganon pa asawa ko, naniniwala talaga sya sa Forever. Haha)


March is one of my favorite months because of two major things happened in this month. First, I won in the biggest loser contest here in office with grand prize of Php 13,500 which I used to purchase things needed for our new home. Second, we finally moved-in to our new home. Yes! After 30 months of hard work, sacrifices and with the Grace and Glory of our Almighty Father, we are now finally #HomeOwners and we are so excited building  our#ProjectHappyHome.  Welcome to #TeamVillarealHome

Another milestone for Rhian, as she graduated from Child Development Services Section. Though sa Barangay lang sya, we consider this as her another achievement.


My parents together with my sister and her daughter, Ashley spend the Holy Week at #TeamVillarealHome. I’m so happy because we were able to enjoy the facilities and I got some quality time with my parents. They are happy for us because finally we have our own home. Hindi kaya biro ang kumuha ng sariling bahay at the same paying car and house loans.

Another milestone for Rhian as she joins the Mc Donalds’ KiddieCrew near our place. I’m so happy because our daughter enjoyed the activities. Medyo sya parin sya but at least improving.


My husband and I enrolled our children in big school near our home. This is another milestone for our kids as they are now entering the proper schooling. Rhian is now Senior Nursery while Rhaine is Junior Nursery. I know mahaba haba pa ang pagdadaanan nila and we are not rushing nor forcing them to get high grades as we want them to enjoy the new environment and be more sociable. High grades are just a bonus.


As first time parents, we are so excited to witness another milestone of our kids and yun yung 1st day nila sa school nila. Read more about this precious moment here. 


Last July 24, my husband and I celebrated our 12 years of togetherness and 6th wedding anniversary. Our initial plan is to have out of town just the two of us, but since I have board meetings to assist on the day of our anniversary, I have no choice but to cancel my leave application. So, we opted to celebrate it in a very simple way, buffet dinner at Makati Shangri-la.


August is one of my favorite months aside from January and July. Why? Because this month my husband and our bunso are celebrating their birthday. Rhaine turned 3 last Aug 20 and we celebrated her birthday at the clubhouse. We booked the AVR and invited some of our closest relatives and friends to be with us her special day.

This month, we also got the chance to crossed out another family bucketlist – visit to KIDZANIA. My husband decided to visit this place as he knows that our kids would love it. Di nga kami nagkamali, nag enjoy ng bongga ang mga bagets. Click here for my review about our experience in Kidzania.

Another milestone for our kids as they joined the Linggo ng Wika dance number. Yung Makita mo ang mga anak mo na nasa stage at nag pe-perform, iba pala talaga pakiramda. Nakakaproud!


In this month marks another milestone for our children as they experienced their first field trip activity and guess what, we joined in their field trip kaya parang naging family day out ang nangyari. Makakapagod pero masaya.


More food trips with my husband and my little family happened on this month. Ang hilig namin kumain sa labas after hearing mass, no need for expensive restaurant what matter most is that kumpleto kami and happy ang kids ko.


More food trips on this month again and more parties at #TeamVillarealHome. We welcomed some of our relatives and friends to visit our place kasi kahit sila happy for us that we have our own home plus the fact na maganda talaga yung place and nakaka relax kaya gustong gusto nilang mag visit.


This is the first time we’re celebrating Christmas at #TeamVillarealHome and I’m so happy that my family join us for midnight mass and Noche Buena. We had our traditional “Monito, Monita” and exchange gifts and unlimited photo session.

Though before Christmas, our dear Rhian got sick so we rushed her at Makati Med ER for check-up. Good thing her condition got stable before year ends.

Oh by the way, this year also we decided not to get another helper as our kids are starting to become independent. Well, our Yaya Van left us before Rhaine’s birthday last August to pursue her career. Mahirap na wala kang helper but thank God we still have our Tita Grace to take care of our kids.

So that’s it, there are so many reasons to thank God as we received so much blessings last 2018. Now are looking forward for more good things this 2019. I know we still have lots of challenges and hitches to deal with but we believe that as long as we put God in center of our life, we can surpass it. Thank you 2018 for everything, we are so ready for you 2019! Bring it on!  

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Every Sunday, after hearing mass we always treat our little family for lunch. It’s also our opportunity to spend more time with the kiddos. Alam nyo na pag working parents, kulang na kulang ang oras pag weekdays so we make sure na pag weekend, family time talaga.

Ever since we moved in Sucat, my husband and I tried different restaurants near our place. BF Homes is one of our favorite places as they offer wide array of different cuisines, name it and you will find in this place. One Sunday after hearing mass, we went to Las Piñas for lunch and try Trattoria Altrove. We really have no idea about this place and we were surprised to know that this restaurant is originally from El Nido Palawan. 

Upon entry, one staff asked us to removed our shoes or sandals before we can go inside to maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant. They placed it in a basket and we were given a number so we could collect our shoes after. My children enjoyed walking around the restaurant barefooted, it’s really like a Filipino culture indeed. Don’t worry because the floors were very clean. 

The restaurant was beautifully set-out and gives a homey vibe because it is made with wooden floors and furniture. It is not air conditioned but the place is very cool and well-ventilated as ceiling fans were very helpful though. We chose to stay at al fresco dining with a garden view since it’s way cooler there. 

I love the rustic feel with the wooden floor and barefoot dinner.
al fresco dining

Wood fire brick oven
The staff were very courteous and friendly, they even allow our kids to run over the restaurant (buti nalang wala pang tao nung dumating kami). Well, as I mentioned before, my kids really love to roamed around the place. They also provided recommendations though they were not pushy on what you should order. 

Complimentary bread as an appetizer.
Our family loves pizza and pasta, hindi pwede na hindi kami mag pa-pasta every week. Hindi sila nagsasawa kahit na ina-alternate ko lang ang menu namin for the week. Haha. I guess I need to search for other pasta recipes for my little family. Anyway, my husband ordered for Alla Carbonara that is made with combination of bacon, Parmesan, mozzarella and egg yolk. Their pasta and sauces are freshly made upon order so it may take a while to serve. My kids love their pasta because it was perfectly cooked, but for me, there’s no special thing about this food though the flavors are not overwhelming and the serving size is very big for the price. 

Alla Carbonara Php 325.00
We also ordered Margherita Pizza which contains crushed Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese & Fresh Basil. My daughters love anything about this pizza and you can really taste the freshness of the ingredients and enhances the natural flavors of pizza as it was perfectly cooked in a wood fire brick oven. Well, do you agree with me that Firewood Brick Oven Pizza is simply the best!

The pizza crust was burnt just right giving the pizza a slightly crispy texture and the meats are tender and the pizza itself is just awesome!

Margherita Php 395.00
My husband ordered for Risotto Al Fruitti Di Mare. Italian Rice cooked in mixed Seafood, Tomatoes & Olive Oil sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. According to my husband, the rice cooked perfectly, the taste of parmesan cheese perfectly match with the seafood. 

Risotto Al Fruitti Di Mare Php 375.00
Our kids love Mango shake, wala na ata silang alam na shake bukod sa Mango Shake. Haha. So we ordered 1 Mango Shake for them. There’s nothing special about their shake but it really refreshing! We requested to split it into two, parang walang awayan ang magkapatid. :)

Mango Shake Php 112.00
Overall, everything is absolutely wonderful. Authentic Italian dishes, atmosphere, staff, all definitely great. The ambiance is perfect for families & couples. This place is a treasure gem and ultimate date place. So, if you’re looking for romantic and perfect place for you to treat your loved ones within Metro Manila, try here and your date will definitely be perfect! 

Gentle reminder guys, they didn't accept credit cards just make sure you have enough cash when you eat here. 😊

Trattoria Altrove
858Tropical Avenue,
BF International, Las Piñas City

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Sorry for not updating this blog, I’ve been so busy lately from work (board meetings), households errands, extra-curricular activities and of course busy building a #ProjectHappyHome with my little family.

Also, we’ve been busy preparing our first Christmas celebration at our #TeamVillarealHome so I wasn’t able to update the #WhereToEat portion of this blog, but promise I will post new reviews hopefully by 1st week of December. (Cross fingers) For now, let me share with you one of my children’s achievement this year. Wala lang nakakaproud lang! As in! Iba pala talaga when you see you child doing very well at school. Yung alam mong nag tututo sila at the same time nag eenjoy in what they’re doing, for me its my achievement.

I never expect too much from my kids as a student, for we know they will fabricate stories just to please us. I also mentioned in my facebook post that I don’t oblige my children to do their homework lalo na pag ayaw nila or wala pa sila sa mood. Di ko sila pinipilit na sagutan yun not until nasa condition na sila. Just like we did during their first semestral exam, I told my auntie not to force them to study instead let them what they want to do, but remind them also the importance of going to school and doing their homework. In fact, it works. It really works. So how we did it? Let me share you my tricks.

My kids are should be at school before 8am, my husband drove them to school then my auntie will fetch my children and rode on their school service. After school, my kids love to play at their playroom while my auntie prepare their lunch. (I cooked their food so she will just re-heat it.)

My kids took their afternoon nap, had their merienda and start doing their homework/review. If they got bored, they will go to the playground or take a dip on the pool. They will eat biscuits again while my auntie prepares the food for dinner. (Usually, kung anong lunch naming yun narin ang pang dinner). At 7pm, they will have their dinner, watch television and take a quick shower. As soon as we arrived, I am in-charged with my children, I will review their homework, kwentuhan and kulitan then it’s time for their 1-hour movie/youtube time. This is the time I will do my other chores at home. Yes! Ako ang babaeng walang pahinga, yung hindi ko alam ang ibig sabihin ng pahinga. Yung di ko na alam pakiramdam ng maupo sa sofa at mag relax, but it’s okay for me. I consider it as my blessings kasi I know that I can do things and wala akong sakit.

Anyway, back to our topic. After their 1-hour movie/youtube time, review time again or sometimes they want us to play. Who I am to refuse? By 9:30pm its reading time, I usually read them story books e since kabisado na ata nila lahat ng binili kong books, ayun nag sasawa na sila and since I have creative mind, nag iimbento nalang ako ng story for them, of course yung may moral lesson rin.

As a mom, I know what they like and they don’t. I know what makes them happy and I know what makes them sad. I know their strength but I also know their weakness. I know their limitations and I know their attitudes very well. But one thing I don’t know about them is how they perform and how they interact with their teachers and classmates at school. Pag may chance, tinatanong ko yung teachers nila, or sometimes pinapatanong ko kay Tita. According to their teachers, my kids are very shy at first di sila tulad ng ibang bata na at first magiging jolly na sa unang pagkikita palang, sila hindi kasi mahiyain sila. As in it will take time for them to cooperate or to be comfortable with you. According to their teachers, Rhian and Rhaine are very respectful kids as they respect other people especially their classmates. Nakaka proud marinig yun sa teachers nila. I told the teachers that we teach them respect at home so they will know how to respect other people. Iba na mga kabataan ngayon, mabilis na silang turuan at mabilis na nilang naiintindihan ang mga bagay na gusto nating ituro sa kanila. We also allow our children to make mistake, most of the time I told them that it is okay to make mistakes because they will learn a lesson from it. I’m glad that my children understand all the things that we said.

Rhian's Exam Results

Rhaine's Exam Results
When I got their report card, I really surprised that my kids are doing very well at school. Both with honors and got a highest score in exam. Si Rhaine nga may perfect score pa, knowing my child is only 3 years old. Galing! To be honest, for me and my husband, high grades are never the bases of their future, it is their character that we carefully nurture them the way God has designed them to be. We all know that parenting is never easy but my husband and I decided to help each other in raising happy children. I don’t compare my kids as they have different personalities, magkaiba sila pero meron rin naman silang magkatulad, parehas silang matalino, mana sa nanay syempre. (I know my husband will react on this. Haha). We never let our children compete with others for we know that they will grow with insecurity and somehow may hurt themselves in the process.

I’m so proud of my children. Ganito pala ang feeling na nakikita mong lahat ng pagod mo sa work para may pambayad sa tuition fees nila are all worth it. I know nagsisimula palang kami, we still have more or less 18 years to work hard before they got permanent job. Kaya we look our children as our inspiration in our life. They are my strength when I almost give up, when I can’t handle our problems. Seeing them everyday is one of the greatest blessings we have every received.  

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