Heavenly Father, I thank you that this procedure is safely past, and now I rest in Your abiding presence, relaxing every tension, releasing every care and anxiety, receiving more and more of Your healing life into every part of my being. In moments of pain, I turn to You for strength, in times of loneliness I feel Your loving nearness. Grant that Your life and love and joy may flow through me for the healing of others in Your name. Amen. 🙏

Thanks for all your prayers, it means so much to me.

Family, friends, relatives and officemates, Thank you.

To my parents, thank you for taking care of me. Naging bunso tuloy ako sa inyo. I love you.

To Rhian and Rhaine, thank you for giving me strength. Uuwi narin si Mommy tulad ng lagi nyong wish since Tuesday.

To all my doctors (OB Doctors - Dr. Rhodora Del Rosario - Bustos and Dr. Margaret Joyce Cristi - Limson, Anesthesiologist - Dr. Maria Vanessa Cristi) and nurses, thank you for doing great, di nyo ko pinabayaan. Some of the nurses, naging friends ko na dahil sa natatandaan nila ako, di na ko babalik dito. Hehe.

To my husband who never leave me at my side. Thank you. Thank you for being so patient and for taking care of me kahit na ilan beses mong nasasagi yung swero ko. Hehe. Thank you for believing in me na kaya ko. Di pa tapos ang laban, pero kakayanin natin to. In sickness and in health. I love you so much!

And finally, thank you Lord, Padre Pio, Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you.

Now, still recovering but keep on fighting. 💪

Btw, this is how we celebrate
#MarriageFirstFriday. Having Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda and Dinner together at the hospital, kakaibang experience to. Di na ulit mauulit to. 😉

I will make kwento about what really happened to me pag fully recover na ko, for the meantime to all ladies out there, please have your regular check up to your OB Doctor. #MyomaSucks

Our picture after post ops. ❤️

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One week before the start of the class, my husband decided to treat our kids out of town. He’s been eyeing to visit Subic but due to conflict with his schedule (work related) we postponed it twice. Finally, last June 2 #TeamVillareal invades Zoobic Safari. 

The zoo is open daily from 9am – 4pm including holidays. We want to maximize our visit here since the travel period is almost 3 hours from Sucat to Subic so we left our house around 6am and arrived at Subic before 10am. Our kids are so excited to encounter different animals, look at the pictures below.

We avail the Zoobic Safari Tickets at Klook for only Php 350 instead of Php 695 with your choice of Animal feeding or free photo opportunity, we chose the latter part. Zoobic Safari is the only tiger safari in the Philippines, the park is 25-hectare forest adventure park and interact closely with the safari’s animal. What we like about this park is the kids and kids at heart can watch amazing animal shows and get a chance to meet the biggest members of the cat family up close. 

Here in Zoobic Safari everyone can enjoy access to the park’s 15 attractions (see below list) including the famed Tiger Safari, where a 400-pound tiger jumps on top of your safari vehicle.

  1. Zoobic Park
  2. Serpentarium
Drive Thru:
  1.  Tram Station
  2.  Lion Close Encounter
  3.  Forbidden / Zoobic Cave
  4. Eggziting Story
  5. Tiger Safari Ride
  6. Tiger Close Encounter
  7. Savannah
  8. Croco Loco
  9.       HipHop Bunny      
  10.       Aeta’s Trail
  11. Bone Muzooeum
So now let me share you our day tour in Zoobic Safari. Upon entrance, we decided to purchase food basket for only 100 pesos and may feed animals such as horse, donkey, miniature donkey, miniature horse and deer.

For our first activity, we had our photo session with the Tiger at the Pavilion. My kids are not scared, in fact yung Daddy pa nila nag takot. Haha.  The tiger photo schedule is from 9am – 3pm. Here’s our family photo together with the friendliest tiger in Zoobic. (Well, yun ang sabi nung care taker. Hehe)

Next, we visited the Zoobic Park. This is where the kids fed the animals with close encounter with them. My kids really enjoyed seeing animals, though medyo hesitant si Rhian to come close, ibang kaso naman si Rhaine, as she is a brave girl na halos hilahin ko na sya kasi sobrang lapit nya sa mga animals pag nagpapakain eh. Waahhh..

Since the animal show will start at 10:30am (other schedule is 1:30pm), my husband and I decided to watch the show first then we will continue to explore the park. My kids are very happy seeing animals in person, we also had a chance to hold the snake, this is our free photo opportunity. 

My kids bravely feed some animals carefully. Me, my husband and Rhian fed the birds at the palm of our hands. Ang tapang ni Ate Rhian kasi di sya natakot, but look at us (Parents) halos di makuhang tingnan ang bird sa palm naming. Haha. 

By the way, Pot Bellied pigs are just roaming around the Savannah, they walk freely anytime and anywhere they like, hanggang parking nakakaabot sila. Before we left the Zoobic Park, my kids rode in a pony as they find it cute. Good thing the pony is well mannered on the ground and when ridden, well trained and obedient. We pay Php 100 pesos for the 2 kids. Not bad, nag enjoy naman ang mga bagets.

We visited the Serpentarium. In this area we meet the astounding exotic animals closely. Since we still have time to explore the place, we decided to take the Tiger Safari Ride, Tiger Close Encounter and other attractions before we took our super late lunch. Yes! Di naman namin akalain na matagal pala sya. Haha.

We listed our names at the Tram Station and waited for about 10 minutes for the arrival of the Van. My kids feel sad to see the lions in their cages as you can see that they are stressed, but I told them that there are people who assigned in taking care of them. After our Lion Close Encounter, my husband decided to take another family photo with the Lion. Syempre, si Daddy na naman ang malapit sa head ng Lion. Haha.

One of the highlights of our tour is the Tiger Safari Ride where in we were inside the safari vehicle and see the tiger-canine teeth so close while he eats a whole chicken which we purchase at the registration area. (Anyway, the cost of whole chicken is Php 200 pesos and since we are group of two families, we pay Php 100/per group) This is actually a once in a lifetime adventure experience that my children will remember for the rest of their lives. They are both fascinated to see the live tigers roaming around and see the amazing creature of God.

Before we end our tour, we were entertained in Aeta’s Trail wherein Aetas performed their difference cultural dances. 

We had our super late lunch at Buho Grill Restaurant, you have limited choices on their menu and a bit pricey, you have no choice because they are the only restaurant inside the Zoobic though we still enjoyed our meal because we are all hungry. Haha.  Since we still have more time in the park, my husband decided to try their newest attraction, the Sky Safari (Php 199/pax). We already tried ziplines in Davao and I must say that we enjoyed it and so my husband told me that our kids should try Zipline also because there’s always a first time for everything, right? Well, we were so excited for the kids as this will be their first time to try this activity. 

My eldest is so excited while my youngest is a little bit scared. I know, 3 years old palang kaya si Rhaine, good thing her ate convinced her to try it because it’s so fun! O db galling ni ate mag convince.  Our initial plan is to try it as a group, unfortunately my youngest is not yet ready, mukhang nabigla kaya natakot so my dear husband decided to do it by pair – Ian and Rhian, Mommy and Rhaine.

The husband and Rhian tried it first so that Rhaine will not be scared. Now it’s our turn, look at her face before, during and after our first ride. 😊

You can zip through the air and soar over trees and fly like Superwoman. According to their staff, the adventure ride (back and forth) is 380 meters long, 200 meters one way and 180 meters back at approximately 40 feet high. 

The whole experience was a combined fun, exciting, thrill and breathtaking. It was like being a kid again. If you plan to visit Zoobic Safari make sure that you arrive early so that you’ll have time to rest and explore the whole place. Few more things, be in your most comfortable clothes since most of the activities are outdoors, very hot and promise you’ll be sweating a lot. So please don’t forget to bring towels, extra shirt, bottled water, umbrella or cap. 

Zoobic Safari
Group 1, Ilanin Forest, Forrest Adventure
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday
                             8am to 4pm
Contact Number: (02) 847-0413

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They say that the seventh year is the most challenging for any couple, that’s why there’s thing called the seven-year itch. During this period, couples will either be feeling restless and unsatisfied, or be more in love than ever.

They say that when you sail through your seventh year together, you will be able to sail through all the years that you will share together. Congratulations to us honey for making it this far! It was not an easy journey. Look back on all the things that we went through together and the lessons that we learned, I know that whatever problems may come, we will surpass it. 

In the thirteen years that we’ve been together, we also went through 13 years’ worth of happiness and heartaches. We also went through a series of discoveries and realizations. There was a lot of failing, learning, understanding, and forgiving. You know what I mean, right. 

I never thought that we would get this far in our relationship. Life has not been perfect in the last 13 years that we were together. There were times when we just wanted to give up and let go. There were times when we just questioned all the choices and decisions that led us to where we were. But I’m so glad that we did not give up. I’m so glad that we only held on tighter when everything was telling us to let go. I’m so glad that we only let our love for each other prevail. Now I know that there’s nothing that can break us after all of that.

Honey, you have shown me the real meaning of love. You have taught me that love is not always easy and comfortable, but that love is more beautiful when it undergoes changes, struggles, and hardships. You have proven to me that love is not a word, but an emotion that you demonstrate every single day. You make it so easy for me to love you and I know I’m not the easiest person to love, but you make it look so effortless. 

I’m not afraid of what’s to come because I know that our love has stood the test of time. It’s sometimes better to experience a few disappointments and heartbreaks every now and then because they teach you to be stronger and braver, remember that calm seas never make for a strong couple. I believe that the years that lie ahead of us only promise us great and beautiful things because as long as our love is strong and our faith is unshakeable, we’re going to be okay. 

Thank you for being the light in my time of darkness. Thank you for your love that fuels my days and I know that I am truly blessed for having you in my life. One thing is for sure, I want you for always, I want you forever and I want you every single day of my life. I’m thankful for the 13 years of love and understanding and I know that we have many more years to spend together. We have survived several storms of our own, and each one has made us stronger, braver, and more in love with each other. 

Thirteen years full of life-changing experiences, strong life lessons, and a deeper and stronger relationship.

Happy 13th Anniversary as Couple.
Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary.

I love you to Infinity and Beyond! 

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We just went to our family outing last April 13-14 during my mom’s 66th birthday. It was awesome! Out of town with my family is one of the many things I want to do, you know natanda narin parents ko and I want to spend more time with them, same with them, my parents want to be with us lalo na mas masaya pag kumpleto kami (plus factor ang mga apo nyang macu-cutelit) Hehe. My older sister recommends La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan Batangas, dito daw kasi sila nag outing before and their service are superb according to her. We have other choices, but most of them are fully book or super pricey (peak season you know!)

La Luz Beach Resort & Spa is just about 3 hours drive from Makati via SLEX – Star Toll Way – Ibaan- Rosario – San Juan Batangas. You need to pay Php 20/each once you reach San Juan Batangas as Environmental Fee. I don’t know if all kids are free of charge, but as far as I remember, we only pay 3 adults. We left our home past 6:30am, had our breakfast at McDo in SLEX and arrived at the resort just in time for lunch.

They offer welcome drinks upon arrival at the resort. I settle our remaining balance including mandatory full board meals. (Please note that all overnight guests must avail the Php 1,710 buffet meal package which includes Lunch, PM Snack, Dinner and Breakfast. Children below 5 years old are FREE and 6-8 years old Php 855/head)

We booked the Premier Loft worth Php 7,760 which is good for 7 persons and can accommodate up to 10 persons. They also have Junior Premier (Good for 2 persons and can accommodate up to 4 persons) Php 4,600, Premier (Good for 4 persons and can accommodate up to 6 persons) Php 5,950 , Annex Room (Good for 2 persons and can accommodate up to 4 persons) Php 4,600,  Annex Dorm (Good for 6 persons) Php 6,760,  Annex Loft (Good for 8 persons and can accommodate up to 12 persons) Php 6,850, Dormitory (Good for 16 persons) Php 9,730 and Hilltop (Good for 2 persons and can accommodate up to 4 persons) Php 11,800

We had our lunch first at the food hall upon arrival since our room is still not available. The meals are served with minimum of 4 dished per meal which comes with Rice, Chicken, Pork, Beef or Fish, Vegetables, Soup and Dessert. Juice and purified drinking water are provided with all the meals.

Our Premier Loft is located on the 2nd floor with 2 double beds, 2 single beds and 1 pull out.  Everything is in order; the place is clean and fresh as they provided diffuser every room. All of their rooms do not have a tv set which for me is very fine considering the fact that we went there to relax, enjoy the scenery and perfect time to talk and bond.  The shower room is separate from the toilet room which is plus factor for me. Though honestly, the rooms need for upgrade and renovation.


I love everything about this resort as they offer a wide variety of recreational and relaxation services. Water and land sports activities are available with minimal charge like Board games, biking, fat bike, kayaking, snorkeling, tribord, banana boat, jet ski, wind surfing, diving, hiking and if you want to have separate bonfire, you need to play additional Php 750.00. If you are on a tight budget, they offer free activities (day time only) such as Beach Volleyball, Beach Badminton, Beach Football. For light fee, if you want to do it at night, you need to pay for Php 150/hour.

They also have day tour package for Php 1,035/head from 8am – 5pm which includes Welcome drinks upon arrival at the resort, parking, entrance fee, use of cabana, buffet lunch and buffet afternoon snack.

Our kids really enjoyed playing sand with their cousins, medyo Malaki ang alon kaya we decided to just enjoy at the shore. In fairness, abot parin kami ng water kahit na medyo malayo na kami. (High Tide!

Beautiful place

The resort offers free Zumba session in the afternoon and anticipated mass on Saturday afternoon. The staffs are very accommodating and helpful. My mom cannot go and stand in a long when at least 5 men from the resort carry her from the registration area going down to the food hall, going to our room and every time we need assistance, they are willing to give their 100% effort. Kudos to all staff of La Luz Beach Resort. 

I love everything about this resort, I know the its kinda pricey but its worthy. The staff are accommodating, the place is nice and quiet, very perfect for R&R as the resort is like a little paradise with full of trees, lounges and benches where you can rest and relax. Well, if you are looking for wedding venue and corporate events, you may call them as they offer very affordable packages. 

La Luz Beach Resort and Spa
Manila office: (02) 726-4977 and (02) 726-7445
Hugom reservation: (02) 806-7667 and (02) 806-7581
Mobile nos: 0927-8053484 /0916-3704017
                    0998-3387111 /0920-6038814
Facebook: www.facebook.com/laluzbeachresortandspa
Website: www.laluzbeachresort.com

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