Rhaine's 5th Birthday Celebration

I know this is super long overdue, but I want to share with you how we celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday last August 20, 2020. My gosh, time flies really fast, it feels like yesterday since I gave birth to this wonderful and beautiful girl. (Click here for my birth story and here my pictorial).

Anyway, since its pandemic and the kids are not allowed to go outside we have no other plans but simply celebrate it with the whole family. Better safe guys! Simple lang ang ang wish nya, to have Minnie Mouse Cake and New Baby Alive Doll, she even told us to just have spaghetti and chicken in her birthday. Ang bait na bata talaga. 

I invited my parents in our unit para kahit papano makita rin nila apo nila and si Ashley. I'm so happy to see how happy my daughter on her birthday. Promise! Ang sarap sa pakiramdam. 

I ordered her customized cake to Pam of BakedbyPamcakes. Look how nice and beautiful the cake! I love ordering customized cakes and cupcakes kay Pam, di lang sya maganda, super delicious pa ang mga cakes nya! Actually she also made the 1st birthday cake of my eldest daughter, now Rhian is 7, ganon ko sya ka trust when it comes to customized cake. You should contact her if you want to order. 

Sharing with you some photos during our simple celebration!

Decorations, Cake and Food
Customized Minnie Mouse Cake by BakedbyPamcakes
                                             Happy 5th Birthday, Rhaine Sophia!
                                                        Family is L♥VE!
Birthday gifts

To our little bundle of joy, Happy Birthday Rhaine Sophia!

Keep chasing your dreams and spreading happiness. May this year bring you plenty of reasons to smile and endless opportunities to make you happier! Thank you for bringing us a thousand reasons to smile everyday!

Rhaine, you were born to be a star! You touched our lives in so many ways - you deserve all the joy, love and happiness that the world has to offer on your birthday.

Happy 5th Birthday Bunso, our beautiful daughter. Daddy, Mommy and Ate Rhian loves you so much!

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