Contact Lens from Executive Optical

Hhhmm.. Every one wants to have good eye sight; in fact I'm one of them. I'm not blessed to have a clear vision ever since I was in elementary days. I remember one incident that my teacher in math gets mad at me because I wasn't able to answer the multiplication flash card since I can't see those numbers in the card. Then finally, I ask my parents to accompany me at the hospital and let them check my eyes, sad to say the doctor told us that my grade was reach 350 for both eyes and need to wear eye glasses as soon as possible. Now, I'm 26 years old and currently working, my both eyes reach the grade of 700 with 150 astigmatism. Yes! I wear thick eye glasses every day, but since E.O offers the ultra thin with multi-coated plus correction to my astigmatism, I bought them last year. I also wear contact lens since sometimes I get irritated using eye glasses. I love E.O since they have a standard procedure to determine the visual functions, visual error, eye diseases and base curve measurements of the cornea and prescription, together with these procedures they have state-of-the-art equipment and highly competent Optometrists that will help you diagnose your vision problems.

During our date last Saturday, I asked Ian to go with me at Executive Optical, after 20 minutes of check-up the doctor told me to get another set of contact lens. However, they don't have stock for my grade. Sad! Then finally, last Tuesday Ian and I went to Glorietta to check if they have a stock, finally, I got 1 pair!

It's so nice that when you purchase one set of contact lens, you will received other freebies.


Clear Contact Lenses Php 795.00

Now, I'm wearing my 650 grade clear contact lens good for one year.

Executive Optical
Level 2, Glorietta 3
Ayala Avenue, Makati City