What Coronavirus Pandemic has taught me about life…

It’s been almost 7 months since the pandemic starts and the whole world is not prepared about this virus and so we are. Ang daming kong natutunan/nagawa during months, super daming events and despite what is happening in this world, I’m still thankful because our family are safe, we are safe from COVID19. I hope all well is well with you guys. Please stay safe.

Anyway, let’s talk about the title of this blog.  Lockdown has taught me what is truly valuable in life and what’s a façade. It’s given me an opportunity to appreciate what truly matters, God, family and friends and understanding what I really want in life and rediscovering myself, my passions, my interest and most important the true value of family and time.

The day before the lockdown, most of us panicked on what will happen next. Kami rin nagpanic and nag worried kung pano yung food namin for the next 2 weeks, good thing prior to lockdown nakapag grocery na kami for 2 weeks. But still there are lot of things that bothers me, nakakatakot ang Coronavirus (based sa mga nababalitaan before, videos from China, testimonies ng mga may covid, etc)

I learned to appreciate every single moment with my family, every blessing that we received. Maliit man sya o malaki, wala akong araw na di nagpapasalamat kay Lord. Anyway, will make kwento about what happened to us during this pandemic.


More time with family

Since we are both working, we have limited time with the kids before. We worked 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day and weekends are so short, minsan we forgot to take some time with the kids. During weekend, we make sure to spend more time with them by taking them to the mall or swimming at the clubhouse. Until this pandemic happens. We stayed at house 24/7, spend more time with the kiddos whole day, we were able to play with them, read stories before bed time and even watch movies together aka movie night namin. This is the longest time we spent together with the kids, without any distractions.

We even get to know more about our kids, their differences, their likes and dislikes, their attitude towards each other, basta mas nakilala namin silang 2 and I am so happy that I was able to spend more time with them. No regrets at all kasi before super kulang ang oras para sa kanila, but now nakabawi kami kahit papano. They are growing up so fast that’s why we make sure to treasure all the memories while they still young.


#Plantita of the year

After my operation last June, I divert myself by taking care of plants. I don’t know why all of a sudden nahilig ako sa plants, maybe because I want to think about my operation. Two weeks after my major operation, I requested my husband to accompany me at the plant shop near our place and dahil sa dami kong nagustuhan, I purchased worth Php 3,000 plants. Hehe. I love plants and make sure to spend time at the balcony, fixing my plants, do some painting, repotting and organizing it. I even put some indoor plants para mas maging maaliwalas ang bahay. My husband asked me what do I like for our anniversary and I told him to buy me plants. Indeed, wish granted! Now, I’m still collecting plants kahit na wala na kong mapaglagyan, meron sa CR, sa room namin, sa room ng mga bata, kitchen, sala and balcony. I want to buy pa sana, pero ang problema kung san ko ilalagay. Hehe.

Better Wife, Best Mommy

This is according to my husband and kids. Kulang nalang bigyan nila ako ng award and trophy, but I really appreciate it. Mas naging hands-on ako during this pandemic, I cooked good meals for us, ako nagpapaligo sa mga bata, nakikipaglaro sa kanila, I even got to know more about my husband kasi this is the longest time as of today na nasa bahay lang kami. We also continue our #MarriageFirstFriday by movie night and sometimes inuman sa loob ng room namin while watching movies at Netflix. I can’t believe na we are doing it now kasi before hindi naman kami nag iinuman 2. Hehe.

Best Mommy! Yan ang laging sinasabi ng mga kids ko sa akin. They are both happy kasi nasa bahay lang kami ng Daddy nya and I’m so happy that I watched them grow.


We are now homeowners of a 2BR condo unit in Sucat for 2 years now and during this pandemic we realized that we didn’t have that much things in the house, mahirap rin magbuo ng isang magandang bahay, malaking gastos and after our discussion, we decided to make some make-over. Can you believe that after 2 years, finally we have cabinet na sa room. Amazing!!! 

Mommy R’s Bakeshop

During the 1st week of lockdown, I told my husband that I want to bake breads for our family. Since we have old mixer, I used it and baked some breads for our personal consumption until the mixer stopped working. I love to bake, in fact even before we got kids, my husband and I run a small business, we sell cupcakes to our friends until we decided to closed it when I got pregnant with Rhian. Family comes first, always.

I got surprised when my husband gave me a stand mixer 2 weeks after my operation. Yehey! Finally, I can bake more breads and cakes this time. I started following my favorite chef and got amazed about his baking skills. Naeexplain nya lahat, he is generous enough to share his recipes too, without him hindi ako makakapag open ng small business ko. Thank you, Chef RV Manabat!

Now, I have 1k followers at FB and 150+ in IG. I have also lot of repeat customers who really love my baked goodies especially the Cheesy Milky Doughnuts. Please follow me at fb, https://www.facebook.com/MommyRBakeshop and IG at @mommyrbakeshop.

For orders, please message me at my FB page. 😊


Despite all that has one on, there have been so many positives coming to this world. It forced us to step back, pause for a while, appreciate what it means to live and understand the true meaning of life. Well, life won’t be the same after and that’s okay.


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