Padi's Point

After our merienda @ Starbuck, we set off to our final destination.. PADI's POINT.. Before we ordered for drinks, the fireworks start on.. I love fireworks, I remember when Ian told me that if we're going to get married, he will provide fireworks after the wedding ceremony.. hhmm.. nice one! While watching the fireworks, Rain take the opportunity to take us pictures. I hope Rain will give me the soft copy of our pictures from his SLR Camera. I have a point and shoot camera that time, but I don't use it because we're so busy looking up in the sky and see the beauty of fireworks.. Haha.. After a few minutes, the crew already asked for our orders.

We ordered 4 steamed rice @ Php 20.00/each

then, Pack # 1

Finger Foods - Php 969.00
additonal Php 200.00 for upgrade (San Mig Light to Hard Drinks)

Since Joseph, Irvin and Ian requesting for another setof beer, they ordered Bucket of 6 Red Horse this time for Php 360.00


From Left to Right:
1st Row
Ruel, RN & Ian
2nd Row
Irvin, Ann & Rain
We leave the Padi's Point around 11:20pm.. I really have good time with our dear friends. I miss hanging out with them, unwind, sharing love stories, comments, etc. I can proudly say that they are the one of the best persons in my life. Iloveyou guys! Till Next time..
Padi's Point
San Miguel Village by The Bay
Esplanade, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City