Starbucks Coffee

After our Bowling @ MOA last saturday, January 23, 2009. My friends and I decided to have some coffee and merienda at the same time. So the answer is STARBUCKS!

Cinnamon Roll - Php 55.00

The taste of Cinnamon roll for me is just like other cinnamon roll that you can buy in Delifrance or in other Baked Shop. The only difference I think is that you buy it in Starbucks.. Haha.. Btw, only Ruel and Ann bought this because almost half of us are still full from our late lunch.

Chocolate Cream Chip (Venti) - Php 170.00

Chocolate Cream Chip is our favorite drink. It is really delicious. It tastes like cookies and cream for me.

Starbuck Coffee
1st Level, Main Mall
Mall of Asia, Pasay City