Kido Manga Restaurant

Celebrating our monthsary is one of the "kilig" bonding moment for both of us.. We make sure that every 24th of the month we will celebrate it in different ways. If not, the usual date.. Walkathon, movie marathon, window shopping and of course our favorite past time, FOOD TRIP! For this month we celebrated for 2 special events; our 42nd monthsary and birthday celebration of his mom, Tita Amie! I can say that this celebration is a little bit different compare to our other monthsary celebration. It's so nice to be with his family on our special day.

After waching "Legion", Ian decided to tries Kido Manga Restaurant. It's a Japanese Restaurant that offers different variety of Burgers. I guess Ian is craving for some Japanese food. haha.. It's been 10 months since he arrived from Japan. He's been their for almost 8 months for training.
Since it's already past 8, and most of the malls are starting to close thir stores, we decided to have a quick dinner. I ordered Kido Manga Burger only. I like the patties as well as the ice tea included in their value meal.

Kido Manga Burger Php 80.00

Ian ordered EBI Value Meal # 2, which includes Kido Manga Chicken Burger with regular fries and drinks.

EBI Value Meal # 2 Php 128.00
Ian convinced me to try Takoyaki, I am not enthusiast of Japanese food since I know most of their foods are raw but he told me that it is like squid balls that we are always eating in the streets. At first, I like it since he explains to me that one of the ingredients of Takoyaki is Crab. i love crabs.. hehe.. But I get irritated after I finished 1. It has after taste. ggrrr.. I can't explain why I feel faint after eating Takoyaki, so I sip large volume of water.. Haha.. But Ian still enjoying eating the 2 remaining Takoyaki.. (He really likes Japanese foods.. I swear!) Hehe..

Takoyaki with special toppings Php 40.00

Kido Manga Restaurant
Level 4, Space No. 04122
Robinson's Place
Ermita, Manila