Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Hello 2nd Trimester

I survived 1st trimester! Woohhooo!!!! Thank You Lord! Now, hello 2nd trimester!

If first trimester is the most crucial stage in pregnancy, 2nd trimester comes with exciting milestones. Why? Because in this stage the worst of nausea and other morning sickness comes to an end, buti nalang, di ko na experience yun. Thank You Lord!

I read an article saying that 2nd trimester is also known as “Honeymoon Period” in pregnancy, because the emotions even out and sex drive returns. Weeee… **kilig much** I’m so excited in this stage because I like the feeling of my baby’s first kicks/movement (or my mom told me it’s my baby’s heartbeat), I love buying maternity clothes (pero syempre yung mura lang.. tipid mode eh), my husband and I are already thinking about our baby’s name (kahit na meron na kaming tinatawag kay baby.. hihi).

At 4 months, I already saw my baby bump because my baby is growing quickly. I gain additional 2 pounds from my last pre-natal check-up. Meaning, bumibigat na talaga ako.. But for now, I need to take time while I’m feeling better and my energy is up, to start planning for my baby’s arrival.