Anniversary Special (Destination 2): Bag of Beans

After visiting Calaruega Church, it’s time for our late breakfast. We’re both hungry since we just took a small bite of cupcakes during our ride. Our next destination - Bag of Beans.

We really want to try this restaurant because according to our research, it is one of the most famous restaurant destinations in Tagaytay and being a food lover/critic, we want to try their best seller.  It was my first time at Bag of Beans and you know what they have now two restaurants in the same area. The small branch was located near Rotonda while the bigger one is located at in the middle of the city (Emilio Aguinaldo Highway) they’re easy to get to.

There’s plenty space for parking that’s why my husband love the place. Hehe. Bag of Beans has a homey, rustic atmosphere. It is a perfect place to take a break from a busy and stressful work in Metro Manila. You will agree with me that it’s always a hearty breakfast if you’re seated at a very comfortable and nice ambiance plus a scrumptious food are combined. Am I right?

Bag of Beans offer al fresco dining for those who want to enjoy the cool weather in the city.

As we walk around the café and restaurant, I got amaze with the beauty of the place. They also offer cottages wherein you can see big trees, rustic pots, birds in big cages, wooden chairs, different kinds of lamps, fountain and other accent pieces. All I can say is very relaxing!

We headed to their al fresco dining area and settled in one of their cabanas because it offers much better view and comforting couch. I love the cottage, super! I even told my husband that I want to lie down and sleep. Haha.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

The staff handed us their menu and it took a minute before we decide what to order. The husband chose the All Day Breakfast – Omelette which includes three egg omelette folded over cheese, mushroom, tomatoes, and onions with choice of bacon or sausage served with bread and butter.

All Day Breakfast – Omelette (Php 295.00 + 10% Service Charge)

Hubby also tried their Caramel Machiato. According to him, he liked it plus the presentation is so cool! Sorry, I don’t drink coffee or hot chocolate because I’m pregnant and sometimes my tummy hurts..

Caramel Machiato (Php 110.00 + 10% Service Charge)

I opted to try their Famous Cupcake, so I order Buttermilk Pancakes. They have big servings of meal that’s why you can leave the café with a full tummy.

Buttermilk Pancakes (Php 175.00 + 10% Service Charge)

Before leaving, hubby decided to explore the café and drop by their bakeshop upstairs. (Remember, I was advice not to step on the stairs because of my condition). According to him, the bakeshop sells different kinds of pastries, cookies, pies and even coffee which you can take home for pasalubong.

Happy Eating! 

Overall, Bag of Beans is a great place to visit with homey ambiance, fresh air and scrumptious food. **two thumbs up**


Bag of Beans
3650 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing
Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines