Our Journey Towards Parenthood: It’s a Healthy Baby GIRL

Last Saturday marks my 16weeks6days and I was schedule for another ultrasound on morning and pre-natal check-up on the afternoon. We were so excited to see our little bundle of joy again, it’s been a month since the last time we saw our baby and we want to check his/her progress.

We arrived at Makati Med around 10:30am and there are lots of patients waiting outside the ultrasound room. I know we were late, it’s my fault.  I’m too lazy because of the “bed weather”. Anyway, we waited for about 1 hour and half before my turn. As the nurse called my name, I’m so nervous. I really don’t know why maybe I’m so worried if my baby is doing well inside my tummy. As I lay down on the bed and told me to put my dress up, my heart starts to beat so fast but the sonologist which is also my OB doctor (Thank God because she knows everything about my pregnancy) is very supportive and gentle. Before we start the session, she asks her staff to call my husband so that he can also see our baby’s development.

As my OB put the equipment on my tummy, she immediately told us that we’re having a healthy baby girl!

OB – Di pa natin alam yung gender ni baby db?
Me – Yes doctora.
OB – Well, it’s a healthy baby girl!
Me – Wow! Totoo po baby girl? (teary eyes) sabi po kasi nila baby boy eh..
OB – Sinong nagsabi? Wag ka sa kanila maniwala, maniwala ka kay Dr. Bustos. (referring to herself)
Ian and I – (super speechless with teary eyes.)

The first I saw my baby, it’s just a simple dot and now after 4 months she already have hands, feet, head, nose, lips, etc. She is alive and kicking! Honestly, as I saw her dancing inside my tummy, I can’t help myself but to cry. Grabe, iba talaga yung feeling na alam mong may tao sa loob ng tyan mo and galaw ng galaw. As our session continues, my husband keeps on talking with our baby girl.

 According to our friends, when they saw this photo they told us that our baby gave her best smile and pose.
Anak, talagang dapat nakabukaka ka? Masunurin ka kay Daddy ha. Good Job Anak!

OB – Hello mommy, Hello Daddy. I’m your baby girl. (While pointing the arrow to her arms and legs)
Ian – Hello baby.. You’re so adorable. Likot likot naman ni baby. Nagpapakitang gilas na naman..
Me – (I’m speechless; I don’t know what to say. I just look at her and realized that my baby is healthy) Ang galing talaga ng katawan ng babae, imagine may bata sa loob ng tyan mo ang buhay.. Galing ni Lord!

The only thing that bothers me most is when my OB told me that my baby is in breech position, meaning my baby exits the pelvis with the buttocks or feet first as opposed to the normal head-first presentation and my placenta is located on the lower portion, meaning I can’t deliver our baby via NSD instead via CS if she didn't change her position. But our OB ensures us that the baby’s position and my placenta will change many times before my term, like most of them turn spontaneously before birth.  My OB told me not to worry too much, because our baby still has plenty of time to flip into the correct position. But most important above all is we need lots of prayers.

Now, I understand my mom why she is so protective to us. I know now how hard and challenging to carry a baby inside your tummy, all the pains and sacrifices are all worth it when you finally saw your baby. I know it’s too early to say that not until I gave birth next year. But you know what, as I saw the print out of my ultrasound I can’t help myself but to cry. I’m so blessed because God gave us the fruit of our love.