Food Trip 101: 8065 Bagnet


Conversation last Saturday:

RN – Honey, anong gusto mong lutuin ko for dinner?
Hubby – Sa labas nalang  tao kumain para di ka mapagod mag luto..
RN – San po tayo kakain?
Hubby – try natin sa 8065 Bagnet..

I've heard and read a lot of positive reviews about Bagnet but only now did I get the chance to try their specialty when Hubby suggested this place, of course I didn't hesitate. I was very curious by how their “double-fried crispy pork specialty of Ilocos” tastes like, and so our adventure began.

Together with Atom and Spark, Hubby and I travel the streets in Makati and 8065 Bagnet is actually 10 minute drive from our area. This eatery is a hole in the wall restaurant hidden within Estrella Street. Can you imagine Vigan in Makati?! Well, this is how I would describe Bagnet 8065.

Bagnet 8065 looks just like a simple house with chairs and tables outside. But good thing there’s a big sign on top that says “8065 Bagnet.”. The restaurant is divided into two areas, the al fresco or the smoking area and the air-conditioned or non-smoking area. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by Kermit the frog sitting on a rock in a small pond landscape. Sorry I forgot to take photos. Nagugutom na kasi eh.. Hihi.

When we opened the door, we were kinda surprised by the ambiance: super laid-back, chillax, and very artsy and the place is not elegant or luxurious, but it has its rustic charm and good food to make someone feel at home upon entering its premises.There are many artworks hanging on the walls and other oddments that are just too cute to be true. The place is kinda dark, but the small light is enough to make decent photographs. I apologize I wasn't able to take picture of its interior.

I gave hubby the authority to choose our meal, and he ordered budget meals which consist of your chosen viand with rice and soup. He ordered Bagnet Original for me; this is the simple variation of bagnet. It was served with green mangoes and bagoong. The bagnet was crunchy, tasty and easy to chew on. But I doubt that it might not have been double-fried since it is more like lechon kawali than bagnet but overall it tastes good.

Bagnet Original Php 105.00

Hubby tried the Bagnet Kare Kare. Wow! It sooo delicious! The peanut hint of the sauce is just right, perfect for those who don’t want their Kare-Kare strong in flavor. It’s just subtle and taste buds-friendly.  Bagnet with peanut gravy sauce, shrimp paste and a hint of coconut is perfect to satisfy our tummy.

Bagnet Kare-Kare Php 115.00

Sola Iced Tea Php 50.00

So my verdict on 8056 bagnet? I will definitely try this restaurant again. Plus, I am intrigued by the other items in their menu and I want to get hold on those. The super yummy and tummy-filling viand with rice and a very delicious soup– swear I can come back there as many times as I can. (Apologies for the poor pictures, hubby only used his camera phone.)

8065 Bagnet
8065 Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati City

Operating Hours
Monday to Saturday 11am – 12mn; 
Sunday  5pm – 12mn