Supplier Review: Concha España

It’s been almost 3 months and half since our wedding and until now my suppliers review is not yet finish. I’m so sorry for the delay, super duper busy lang lately sa bahay and some other errands at work. Okay, I’m soooo excited to write a review for my couture, because I really love her. Yes! I’m sooo blessed for having Ms. Conch in my life! Wooohhhh!!! Drama ko db?!

Anyway, back to our topic. My final fitting was done last May which is two months before our big day. So can you imagine pano kung tumaba ako or pumayat on my wedding day itself! Oh noh! Then finally, I got my wedding gown one week before our wedding. As soon as I got my wedding gown, para bang gustong sumabog ng puso ko, this is it na talaga! But my mother immediately told me not to open my gown because of the superstitions that nobody should see the bride’s gown before the wedding day, kahit sino pa yan at mas lalo na di ko dapat Makita.. But Ms. Conch open the white box and check the items inside, in that case nakita ko ng konti yung wedding gown ko.. Haha. When my mother saw it, she got irritated and give out Ms. Concha lots of sermon and explain the superstitions about the wedding gown, nahiya na tuloy ako sa kanya and I keep on saying “Sorry Ms. Conch..” Hayz! Mommy ko talaga..

Prior to that, we exchange emails and gave her the peg of the design of my wedding gown. Actually, I scan a picture in the magazine and sent to her, I still remember that magazine kasi si Kristine Hermosa yung model nun. Haha. My entire entourage gown was also found on that magazine. Ang ganda kasi promise!

Then on our first meeting, I really felt comfortable with her same as Hubby. I remember Ian told me that Ms. Conch is so kind and very accommodating. Then, we started to share ideas about my gown; she even gives comments and suggestions during our initial meeting. She sketches my gown on that day; I was convinced and satisfied with her work. I fell in love with all her work! Can you believe that she only make one sketch for me? Yes! Because as soon as I saw the final outline, I said “YES!” this is really really really is! Ooppsss.. You know what; I didn't show Ms. Concha’s sketches to Ian because I want to surprise him on our wedding day. Bahala syang mag isip kung anong design ng gown ko.. Haha.

 Here are the other reasons why I love her:

1. She is very accommodating person. Lagi kong sinasabi kc talaga naman napaka bait nya! She is willing to assist and help me all the time.
2. She is very cool and down to earth.
3. She is very intelligent and artistic.
4. She is so easy to deal with.
5. She really loves her job, as in!
6. She knows how to satisfy me, kahit na super duper dami kong text and email sa kanya.
7. She makes herself available all the time. Isang text lang sagot agad. (thank you kc parehas kaming naka sun!)
8. She delivers my wedding gown which really exceeds my expectations.

On my wedding day, my husband was not allowed to come inside my room, sabi pa nga nila bawal daw kaming magkita a day before and during the preparation on my wedding, sa simbahan na daw kami magkikita but since matigas ang ulo namin, sabay kaming nag breakfast nung 24. Haha.  Of course, di nya nakita yung gown ko since di pa sya nakalagay sa mannequin. Hehe. Surprise!

Sharing with you the sketch of my wedding gown:

In sweetheart neckline, with asymmetrical strap accentuated with beaded lace appliqued, pleated bodice with accent lace appliqued. 

First hip cut with a bow. Detachable gathered/sheared tulle with beaded corded lace scallop, bias cut skirt and chapel train. 


Off-White Mikado
Off-White Tulle
Off-White Corded Lace
Off-White Chiffon

Exchanging of text messages..

RN – Happy 6th anniversary honey! I’m so excited to see you in front of the altar!
Ian – I’m so excited to see you wearing your white dress! Happy 6th anniversary!

Presenting to you my wedding gown. My dream wedding gown! (it includes long plain veil, two pillows, headvine / pins and garter.)

Pillow and Pouch 
 Photos credit to Ms. Concha :)

The moment I saw my wedding gown for the first time, tear drops fall on my eyes. I can’t explain what I feel that time; mixed emotions – happy, nervous and excited.

Ms. Conch and her mother-in-law, arrived early on my hotel to help me. Actually her role is not only my designer but also my photographer. Hehe.  What funny about my wedding day is that I could not fasten my wedding gown. Oh noh! As in di sya masara! (Sorry, pero during our 1st, 2nd and final fitting, di ako nagdi-diet due to health condition) that’s why tumaba talaga ako.. Sorry Ms. Conch. I panicked because I don’t want to wear any gown other than my wedding dress, thank God, Ms. Conch help me and giggled that I need to relax and of course “Tummy in parati”. Waahh.. Sorry, kailangan kong magtiis sa pag hinga para lang magkasya yung gown ko..

Photo credit to CD Worx Multimedia

After few minutes, here it goes.. Nagkasya rin sa wakas! Haha..

Photos credit to CD Worx Multimedia

with Ms. Conch and her Mother-in-Law :)

Wearing my wedding gown shows who I am, my whole personality. Thank You Ms. Conch for creating a simple and elegant wedding gown. As soon as my husband saw me in front of the altar, he whispered “Ang ganda mo! Ang ganda ng wedding gown mo..”.. Yihhiii!!!

 Photo credit to CD Worx Multimedia
Photo credit to CD Worx Multimedia

Now you know kung bakit “White Dress” ang song namin for On-Site Video! :p

Wedding Rate: 5++++++/5

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