Married Life: Preparing for our Little One

We’re married for almost four months, our family and friends are asking if I’m pregnant already (Malaki kc puson ko kaya napagkakamalan buntis!), I keep on telling them that I’m not plus “magdilang anghel sana kayo”. Honestly, I feel so pressured, I feel sad whenever my monthly period came. But Hubby is so understanding and very supportive; he always told me not to stress myself in getting pregnant and just believe in God’s plan.    

You know what, both of our parents are excited for their grandchild, their first ever grandchild, so you bet how excited they are. Really excited as in super duper! We too are excited to have one, who doesn't? But we don't want to rush things; we want everything to be prepared when our baby comes like our health, finances and everything that comes with it. Di naman madaling mag alaga at magpalaki ng bata! Being a parent is another great responsibility, and we just want to take things smoothly. No pressure! Besides we are young, Ian is 28 while I'm turning 28 next year and we still wants to enjoy our time -- the two of us..

We are not in a rush, we are the type of couple who plan things, we plan not only for tomorrow but for the next years ahead, we are always looking forward for the future. Having a baby is a blessing from God and you just don't know how much excited we are for our little one to come but still we take one little step at a time until we are ready. Like how we plan for our dream wedding for more than a year and we are planning for our little one's arrival much more than what we have done for our wedding. And yes, we already start preparing, it's never too early nor it's never to wrong to be prepared when our little one comes. So right after our wedding, I started to consult my OB doctor regularly regarding my pcos and  when she heard that I got married, she change my medicine into pre-natal vitamins.

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I started taking prenatal vitamins last July just to prepare myself and for our future little one's health. Oppss.. Though it doesn't mean I'm already conceiving, it is best to take prenatal vitamins months BEFORE getting pregnant to avoid birth defects talking about how cautious and prepared we are and not only that, I undergo transvi to check if my ovaries and uterus are normal, sad to say, I still have pcos but happy to say that everything is normal.