Married Life: Helping Each Other

How do we help each other? Seems like a simple question yet I can`t find simple words to answer it..

It's been four months since we got married, and more than three months of living together. It was exciting, YES! Living independently is cool. It was fun going to the grocery store every weekend and it's really crazy to plan a week's menu. We both do researches, for what? for next menu, for next investments, for next out of town trips and simply for next plans..

What I love is that we still go on dates every 24th of the month to celebrate our wedding monthsary or pag gusto lang lumabas ng isa sa amin! We also watched movie every now and then and surprises each other once in a while. It seems like where just on a vacation, playing. It feels surreal.

It's incredibly awesome setting up our crib, our home; we bought a new bed, sofa, refrigerator, television, washing machine and even the littlest things such as curtains and other stuffs needed in home. We have a complete set of almost everything we needed, and the gifts from our wedding are very helpful too.  We need to buy everything to start living and you know what, it was great and super pricey. (Sagad na credit limit ng asawa ko.. Haha).  The mind boggling monthly bills from electricity, water, cable, internet, gas, phone and the house rent.

Hubby and I learned to help each other ever since we are still bf/gf and I can say it’s our training ground to married life. We treat each other as partners, one is not complete without the other, thinking and deciding as one. As for our married life the bond of partnership strengthened.

From the daily chores up to decision making. I do almost all the house chores and while hubby helps me. I’m in-charge at the kitchen making sure that I can serve my husband a nice decent meal every morning, lunch and after work, and to keep our crib hygienic. As simple as keeping my husband fit to work and have the feeling of comfort when his at home after a busy day at work is a great deal. He`ll always tell me how it’s nice to come home and how excited he is to eat my home cooked meals after a tiring day of work. Magaling ata mambola asawa ko! Haha.

On the other hand, if he feels like cooking for me, I let him be. I’m proud to say that he also wash the dishes at morning if I`m too tired or sick or he just want me to have some rest. He`s the one in-charge electrical part (magbubutingting), madalas nga nyang sabihin “Engineer ako” sabay halakhak ng napaka lakas.. Haha.  As a help, he always makes sure I`m comfortable and at ease in our home, making sure everything is well lit, drawers and racks are accessible, simply a nice working area.

With regards to work, I always asked him about it whenever he came home. I let him make kwento about it, and when it seems its was tiring day for him I`ll make lambing and then asked how was it and at the end of every work related story I always tell him proud I am and how good he is.

During weekends, he helped me to clean our house. He lends his hand without any complaints and he do the work. Mas masarap maglinis ng bahay pag may katulong sa paglilinis. Acceptance and being each other give us strength on our weakest hours.

About money matters, we both decide what to buy and what not, what are urgently needed and those that can wait. In these matter, we helped each other by being each other conscience especially when it comes in buying our wants, that there are always a time for it, and making sure that we are always right on track when it comes to budgeting. Mahirap talaga pag andyan na si pareng credit card, di na maiwasan ang mamili.

We helped each other when it comes to cockroach and spiders. Tulungan pa kami sa pag tapak sa ipis! The funny side is that we know how scared each other, mahilig kaya kaming magtaguan and mag gulatan. We are both doctors in times of sickness and in time of being brat when it comes to eating healthy food and staying fit, ang hirap kayang pakainin ng gulay ang asawa ko.. Tsk tsk tsk. But he is my trainor and I am his student. Each other`s power booster, in reaching and achieving one`s goals whether it is as simple as eating vegetables and as complex as investing for our future.

Hobbies, we both support those simple details that makes us smile and that is if we have the means to spend. Respecting ones passion and understanding that it is sometimes needed to boost one`s spirit.  We are each other cheerleaders; I am his number one fan in basketball while he is my number one fan in my blogs, with my cooking and my fashion style.

We are each other`s prayer warriors. We are each other`s heaven sent strengthening each other`s faith.  I can go wherever he wants. It`s simply loving each other unconditionally. Knowing each other’s needs without the other telling, giving the help even without asking and love doing it without even thinking it’s a help but because it`s the missing part to complete each other existence and to make both existence easy and worthy to live in.