DIY: Unity and Offertory Candles with Matches

I searched in the internet trying to find a perfect unity candles and matches that suit to our taste and reflect us as a couple but nothing stood out to me.

I asked my college friend to help me in doing our unity candles and matches since we are so busy preparing our big day, I need someone who can help us in arranging small items to be use in our big day. Thank God, Charis agrees with my simple request, after several emails, text and call finally she met my standards. Traditionally, lightning a unity candles during wedding ceremony symbolize the joining of two families (bride and groom) and their love for the couple. It is also symbolize the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment.

I only have one special request to her, make it simple but elegant with a combination of our wedding motif (Purple and Fuchsia). Anyway, I also abuse her by saying we need also an offertory candles. Thank you Gurlash! Haha. So presenting to you our personalized unity and offertory candles and matches.

What do you think? Lovely right! Now, did you make your own unity candle during your wedding? Were you able to find one that suited your taste?