Villareal Family invades Eat Bulaga

Isang Libo, Isang Tuwa.. Buong Bansa, Eat Bulaga!

When I was kid, I want to join in Little Ms. Philippines; I want to be an artist! But sad to say, my parents didn't allowed me to join in this contest, baka raw masapawan ko si Aiza Seguerra pag sumali ako.. Haha. Now, that I’m married I can’t believe that I watched Eat Bulaga at Broadway Center.  Wow! Para bang dream come true! Ang babaw ko db?! But honestly, my heart jumps when I confirmed that we are going to watch Eat Bulaga! Ako na talaga!

Tito, Vic and Joey (Year 19 kopong kopong) Hehe.

Main Stage
My sister-in-law Nikka has a friend who happens to know that her mother is working at GMA. She just reserved 7 slots for us that’s why we don’t need to wait for the long queue to come in the studio. As soon as we enter, I was shocked when I saw lots of people already seated kala ko kami una yun pala kami na ang last.. Waahhh.. Pano pa kaya yung kagabi pa nakapila? Di rin sila makakapasok? Oh noh! The studio is too small, I thought it was huge (camera tricks). Luckily, Ian and I together with Nikka is seated at the back of 2nd stage meaning kitang kita namin yung mga artistang uupo, magsasayaw at mag  hohost dun! Haha..


Before EB starts the show, there are 2 people who will instructs the guests on what to do, like clapping, dance move etc. etc. etc. Ian and I really enjoy it, sayaw kung sayaw, palakpak kung palakpak.. Haha. Here are some photos during our visit at EB.


Pauleen Luna

Nice Shot! Napa tingin mo si Pauleen

Ang cute ni Ryzza!!!

Ang pogi ni Bossing!!!

Ryzza Kulit!

Nikka with Grace Lee

Mommy with Chris Tiu

with Hubby

with Nikka


Sad to say, during the last commercial break I need to go in the comfort room it took me about 5 minutes due to long line then as I go out the show already started and the security personnel didn't allowed me to be in my place.. Waahhh… That’s why as you watched the video (stop at 3.28), si Ian and Nikka lang ang nakita sa camera.. Huhu.



Ryzza and Manager

After the show, we had an opportunity to step at the main stage. Picture Picture of course!

Villareal Family

with Hubby

Now, I am looking forward to visit EB again SOON! This time, weekdays naman para may papremyo.. Hehe..