DIY: Table Names

Ian and I really love to travel; in fact we already travelled around the Philippines from Luzon, Visayas down to Mindanao. Yes! We are not just an ordinary bf/gf but we are travel buddies too. We started to travel when we were 11 days old as bf/gf, our first place to go was Tagaytay. So when we decided to get married, we only have one theme in mind – TRAVEL! Having a table number in reception is very common and out of our theme that’s why we came up to this idea of having places that we visited instead of number. Nice idea right?!

So here are the simple descriptions that our hosts read while calling the table name before getting their food.

-          Our first major out of town via plane
-          Celebrates RN’s 23rd Birthday (January 3-5, 2008)
-          3rd Anniversary Celebration (July 24, 2009)
-          The Proposal - Engagement (April 27, 2011 – Boracay Terraces)
-          Take pleasured the pristine shores of Boracay island

At the Reception

-          Visited during holy week last March 22 - 25, 2008.
-          Explore the beauty of Puerto Princesa.
-          Visited the famous and now one of 7 wonders of the world, Underground River.

-          Our first out of the country trip together (July 21 – 25, 2010)
-          Discover Hongkong such as HK Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak, and Victoria Harbour
-          Gaze at  The World’s Beautiful Skyline, Symphony of Lights

-          4th Anniversary Celebration (July 24, 2010)
-          Lunch at 360 degrees in Macau Tower
-          Capture  the beauties of  The Venetian, Ruinsof St. Paul, and Senado Square

-          This is the 1st trip in Mindanao together with F21 Friends. (September 26 – 27, 2009)
-          While Manila was being attacked by Typhoon Ondoy, our group has no idea about what’s happening in Manila. We were in the middle of the sea in Pearl Farm Beach Resort when the rain started to fall, when we reached the airport terminal in Davao, we were all shocked by the news. Some passengers are stranded in airport but thank God we are all safe as we landed in Manila T3.

-          Another trip with F21 friends.
-          Our group visits the queen city of South, Cebu City last September 2. We already booked our plane ticket as early as February since Cebu Pacific offers 50% of all Domestic Flights that time. (Thank sa promo flight this trip was successful.) You all know that one of our club objectives is to travel to see the beauty of our country, so here we are exploring the Vizayas part and sharing our adventure experience.
-          We are all excited because we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary! Yes! F21 photography club turns 1!  1 year of friendship and still counting. Honestly, I love this group because with them, I can be myself. We both love photography and most important is we really enjoy being with each other.
-          September 1 – 2, 2010

-          Another trip with F21 friends. Side trip at different tourist spot in Bohol such as beaches, tarsier, chocolate hills, hanging bridge, scrumptious lunch at Loboc River, Man-made forest, etc.
-          September 2-4, 2010

-          Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration. (July 21 – 25, 2008)
-          Our 1st trip in Camsur is via long ride bus and for our 2nd trip this time together with Ian’s college friends via plane.  (August 30-31, 2009)
-          We test our limits by doing the Cable Wake boarding.

With our guests

-          Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration. (July 21 - 25, 2008)
-          Appreciated the overwhelmingly beautiful islands of Caramoan

-          Another trip with F21 friends. (The road to Ilocos)
-          Pre-Christmas Celebration (December 10 – 13, 2009)
-          We’re captivated by the beauty of this place especially Calle Crisologo were we can seek our heritage.

-          Another trip with F21 friends. (The road to Ilocos)
-          Pre-Christmas Celebration (December 10 – 13, 2009)
-          Amazed by the “giant electric fan” which is standing in an arc in wind-lashed land, the windmills.

-          Another trip with F21 friends. (The road to Ilocos)
-          Pre-Christmas Celebration (December 10 – 13, 2009)
-          We were beheld the grandeur of Paoay Church and tasted the best Ilocos’s authentic delicacies.

with FDC Friends

-          Adventure trip with Ian’s college friends. (April 30 - May 2, 2008)
-          14 hours of land travel to reach Sagada (Longest road Trip)
-          Conquered our fear and survived Sumaguing Cave.

-          Visited the Summer capital of the Philippines with Ian’s college friends, side trip after our Sagada adventure
-          Date: May 3-4, 2008.

Friendster Officemates

-          Summer adventure with Rackell’s FDC officemates (May 02, 2009)
-          A day with the mammals - Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure

-          5th Anniversary Celebration @ Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas (July 24, 2011)
-          Enjoyed the resort's centerpiece infinity-edge pool and captured it’s pleasant tropical setting and the deep-blue crystalline waters of the sea.

Ian made all of these table names while my job is to print and laminate it. Tulong Tulong sa pagsulong! :p