HONEY-moon @ SG (Day 1: Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park)

One year before our wedding day, we booked a round trip ticket to Singapore via Cebu Pacific for our honeymoon. Sale kasi sila that time that’s why we grab that opportunity to avail discount! Thank you Cebu Pacific! We are scheduled to depart Manila 4 days after our wedding (July 28) to give us more time to packed our things and arrange our wedding stuffs.

Every time we have a local trip, I was always assigned to do everything. Meaning from booking our flight, hotel and itinerary, I just need his approval and some comments or suggestions. But when you say “Out of the Country” trip, I always asked Ian to do the researching, booking and itinerary, well that is his specialty. Sorry, takot akong maligaw sa ibang bansa. Haha. Or should I say, mas may experience sya to travel abroad.

Our flight scheduled was too early, 6:50am departure to Manila so we leave our home by 5am. We are both excited since this is the first time to travel as husband and wife and first time in SG! Whoohhooo!! 

Honeymooners @ Terminal 3
Manila to SG is approximately 3 hours air-travel (as usual), we felt asleep the entire trip because we are wakeful a day before our trip due to celebration for my sister’s graduation day. Since this is our first time in SG, I gave myself enough time to read reviews about this country and what I really amazed was that SG marks as one of the cleanliness countries in Southeast Asia. Wow!

Changi Airport


Welcome to Singapore!
We are booked at Fragrance Hotel – Bugis (will post another review about this hotel), we arrived here around 2 in the afternoon and were so luckily that they allowed us to check in early. (Note: 3pm is the standard check-in). Our itinerary goes like this, for first day we did so many things. We roamed around the Bugis Road and walked around the city until we reach the Esplanade Theater.

Bugis Mall

Raffles Hotel

Esplanade Theater is located near Marina Bay. Can you imagine we just walked from Middle Road – Bugis (Hotel) to Esplanade Drive?! Ang layo kaya nun! But I enjoyed it since I saw lots of beautiful scenery while walking. Esplanade which houses a concert hall and a theatre at the same time. Wow! Locals call it “The Big Durian” Pano kc para syang durian sa labas.. Hehe.

Parang Durian Nga.. :p

We took lots of pictures at the esplanade until we decided to visit Marina Bay Sand (Syempre sa labas lang, tatanawin lang namin) Hehe.. As we were walking, we noticed a small stall with bike who selling ice cream! Wow! May Dirty Ice Cream rin pala sa SG! I’m soooo excited to try it, so I chose Sweet Corn flavor while Chocolate Flavor for my hubby. This is not just an ordinary ice-cream, it is thick block of frozen-flavored ice-cream which can be put between either a slice of bread or two crispy wafer, we chose the 2nd option and we really love the taste!

SGD 1.00

While eating our ice-cream, Ian decided to sit down and relax facing the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Wow! I can’t believe that I’m looking this one of a kind hotel in person, dati kc sa internet ko lang sya nakikita. Haha. Marina Bay Sands is really amazing.

Newly Wed ♥

Next, we visit the famous Merlion Park where the Merlion statue located. Wow! I can’t believe that my two eyes is looking at this famous tourist attraction in Singapore! Like the Marina Sands Hotel, sa internet ko lang sya nakikita dati, ngayon actual ko na syang natatanaw.. Unfortunately, the statue is under renovation that’s why no water came out from the mouth. (**sigh**).  But it’s okay the view was still superb!

The famous Merlion Statue

Happy Couple

We really don’t have any idea that there is event happening at Esplanade, as per other tourist around Marina Bay they are practicing for the Big Event (I don’t know what is the BIG Event) There are coast guard, fireworks, jet planes etc etc.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Meeting with Ian’s college friends is also part of our itinerary, that’s why around 7pm, we decided to leave Marina Bay and go on our meeting place, Makansutra or Gluttons Bay which is located at Raffles Avenue near Esplanade Theater. But unluckily, the heavy starts to fall.. Oh noh! Wala pa naman kaming dalang cellphone or simcard man lang! Pano na?! We waited for the rain to stop and go back to Gluttons Bay to check if his friends are there, we wanted to text them but our simcard is not activated for roaming.  God is good all the time, as we walked again for the 3rd time around Makansuntra, one college classmate of Ian approaches him, doing some short chit-chat and allowed us to use his mobile phone to contact Pau. Thanks classmate! Hehe.

We went to Marina Square to meet Pau, Ces and Nur for dinner. Thank God after 48 years finally we met! We had blast on dinner c/o Billie! Thanks Billie!

With the group!

After our scrumptious dinner, we opted to go home since we’re both tired and my body really wants to lie down on bed. We arrived at the hotel around 11pm, Ian and Nur continue their chit-chat at the bar while I opted to sleep at the hotel.

What a tiring but super enjoy first day in Singapore! It was really a perfect way to start up our one week escapade.

Btw, Ian keeps our pocket money since I was converting everything as in everything to Philippine Peso. Sorry naman 2nd time ko palang sa ibang bansa eh.. Haha.