DIY: Guest and Principal Sponsors Name Holder

I love being a meticulous bride; I want our wedding to be perfect that’s why I am very strict when it comes in inviting guests who will witness our special day. Honestly, choosing more or less 200 guests is very hard for both of us. We need to meet halfway; we need to double check if those listed names on our guest list are special to us. There are times that Ian and I debate about our guest list; of course we need to consider our budget before inviting them on our wedding day. Finally, one month before our big day, we decided to cut our invited guests from 200 down to 150.

I had been attended weddings since I was a kid and one of the things that I really hate is that when we don’t have any seats. Meaning, bahala kayo kung saan kayo umupo! Yes! I will not mention the names of the couple, but this incident makes me feel uncomfortable. Here is their story: Ian and I are invited in their wedding few years ago, this couple is a good friend of mine, the ceremony was really solemn, I saw lots of guests inside the church, the reception rites held on the lower ground of the church meaning we don’t need to travel to get at the reception. Our group was the last to leave the church because we took pictures of the newly wed couple, so as soon as we arrived at the reception I saw that all tables were already occupied. I’m so bothered and asked my friend “San tayo uupo?” then she replied, “Magdadagdag pa naman ata sila ng table”, we waited for about 20 minutes but no coordinator came to assist us. Can you imagine we were about 20 people standing in the entrance door waiting for the table that the couple requested.

Until my friend saw 4 vacant seats near the bride’s relatives, she immediately grab my hand and told me to sit down para nga naman daw di kami mawalan ng ng pwesto.. OMG! I can’t imagine myself like a gatecrasher na walang upuan.. Huhu. Ian and I together with my dear friend and her husband were seated but unfortunately, some of our big bosses and friends are eating while standing in front of the door, nakakahiya tuloy kumain kasi sila nakatayo kami nakaupo.. I promise myself that if I get married, I will not allow my guests to experience what I suffer that day that’s why on our invitation we included RSVP so that they will confirm if they are coming or not. Lagi kong sinasabi “Please confirm or else pag nagsabi kayo na di kayo pupunta tapos on the day mismo andun kayo, sorry nalang kc wala na kayong upuan since naka individual names yung chairs” Yes! I always told that on our invited guests. Sayang naman yung slots nila db!

Planning a wedding is very easy for me because I was surrounded by a very talented, supportive and lovable family and friends. I received a special gift from Mechelle, my college friend from Abu Dhabi, a very nice guest name holder which she purchased online. Wow! Thank you so much Mec! 

For Guests

She sent her package to me one month before our wedding day, Ian and I together with our families assemble it. Bonding moment again! J Presenting to you our guest name holder and holder for principal sponsors.

For our Principal Sponsors

Our guests really amazed when they saw their names place on the holder and keeps on taking pictures holding their name tag. Haha. I remember one friend told me on after our wedding “Grabe gurlash! Ang ganda ng wedding nyo! Ang daming souvenirs for guests and personalized pa lahat! Astig! Sinong nag gupit gupit ng names? ” Hearing that feedback from one of our guest is really overwhelming.

Thank you Kuya Rey (sa Friendster Guard) for helping me in cutting their names.