When My Little World meets Energetic Chef and Everyday Sweet Notes

I’m not fascinated in meeting-up strangers who I never seen before. But if somebody you met online invited you to join up with them and have food trip, would you go? Definitely, I did! To be honest, When Smarla, asked me to a bloggers meet up, I think twice. This would be my 2nd time to meet people, whom I don’t really know; 1st of course when Ian and I met last 2006 at Mc Do Pasong Tamo.

I’ve never met Smarla or even other bloggers who included in FB messages, I only recognize Smarla since I read her blog every day. She suggests having our meet-up during lunch time, while I propose them to make it at Makati Area since I’m not familiar with other places. So last February 13, a day before heart’s day I finally met Smarla and Dahlia. Sad to say, Trixie and Dash won’t be able to make it due to important errands.
Dahlia arrived first. Our plan is to have our lunch at Mesa but unfortunately, there are lots of people having their lunch so we wait for Smarla to arrive before deciding where we are going to eat. When Smarla arrived, we chose to walk along Greenbelt 3 and search for the best restaurant that we can talk and relax at the same time. We finally settled at Capricciosa. I’ve already tried this restaurant and I can say that the foods are really worth paying for. The place has a very calming, modern and pacifying ambiance which adds and effect to enjoy our food more. While waiting for our food, we shared lots of things and at the same getting-to know each other stage.
Dahlia, Smarla and I examined the menu very well, although I have an idea about this resto I make it a point that what we order should be scrumptious. Dahlia ordered for Seafood Spaghetti, it’s a combination of fresh seafood like squid, mussels, clams, stripped shrimp and tuna in a special tomato sauce served with sauteed garlic bread. 
Seafood Spaghetti Php 365.00
We also added Capricciosa Pizza, which is according to them this is one of their specialties. A Southern Italian Napoleon style pizza topped with salami, mushroom, bacon and bell peppers. I love the crust since it was so thin and crunchy. Hot sauce complemented the tasty pizza.
Capricciosa Pizza Php 485.00
I took advantage of having Ayala card since most of the restaurants in Ayala Malls give discounts or freebies. For this restaurant, they given us free Rice Croquette since we reached the amount required worth Php 700.00. Rice croquette is actually an appetizer but for us, it’s our dessert. Haha. It’s like a huge meatball sprinkled with a meaty spaghetti sauce, and because we are curious what inside we decided to slice it in half. Inside this so called “Rice Croquette” reveals steaming hot plain rice with Mozzarella cheese hidden inside. I love the mushiness of the rice mopped with meat sauce and Mozzarella cheese makes my lunch complete!    

Rice Croquette
If you’re planning to visit Capricciosa, please take note that the prices were quite expensive for an Italian Restaurant. But overall, we were satisfied with the food and went out happy.
Smarla (Everyday Sweet Notes) and Dahlia (Energetic Chef)

Dahlia (Energetic Chef) and Me (My Little World)

3rd Level, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City