2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Ian and I celebrates Valentine’s not only on 14thday of February but also during Saturday before and after the said event. We planned to watch the opening of pyromusical competition at San Miguel by the Bay last Saturday after we had our own activities; I went to the hospital for my check-up while he accompanied her mom at Eye Center. We agreed to meet at MOA around 5:30pm and bought gold tickets for the event. It was my third time to witness this event and I can say that every year the participants really prepared for this event. 

With us are the following stuffs to have good shots of fireworks:

1.            Canon 60D and Canon 450D
2.            Fully charged battery
3.            Remote Control
4.            Tripod
5.            Flash (if necessary)

The show starts around 8pm which should start by 7pm (well, Filipino time). South Korea performed first; I love the exploding fireworks as they let go of their superb colors up in the sky. On the middle of their performance, the skies come alive and glowing; an award winning fireworks should I say. They have a heart shape fireworks where everyone was amazed.

The performance lingers for about 20 minutes. Then the 2nd show was started by 9pm courtesy of Spain. The intro was more dramatic than South Korea. The fireworks are more colorful, extravagant and synchronized with the music. This is my favorite show that night, if South Korea has a heart-shape fireworks, Spain has a spiral-shape rockets. Another thing that I love with Spain’s pyro musical is that on the end part of the show, they blast everything, meaning more harmonized fireworks, bigger blazes and fabulous colors that everyone yells, screamed and even clapped because of their amazing presentation. Whoa! 

Spiral Effect

I know it was not easy to take photos without tripod that’s why I’m so happy when I saw these photos taken by Ian. Amazing! I think he used Manual mode to control the lightning and speed of the lights to get the wanted fireworks effects. 

Watching magical stunning fireworks with your love one is one of the most romantic date ever. Pyromusical Competition is indeed the greatest show on Earth. (Well, I’m trying to exaggerate what I saw last Saturday!) Haha. We wouldn't want to miss at least a single Saturday of this event, especially the last Saturday (March 12) where our host country will perform with Australia.

For more details, feel free to visit their site.
2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition
Every Saturday from February 12 - March 12, 2011
San Miguel by the Bay

Ticket Prices:
Patron with Dinner -  Php 1,500.00
VIP - Php 500.00
Gold - Php 200.00
Silver - Php 100.00