Piadina Italian

Passion Food” 

Last Valentine’s Day, my officemates planned to celebrates heart’s day by having lunch at Greenbelt. We are all attracted by the streamer of Piadina Italian Restaurant in Greenbelt 1; they offer Piatto Unico which deals with Full Italian Meal in one plate. 

Well, if you really love Italian food with minimal budget and great service, Piadina Italian is the best! This was my first time to try this restaurant and I promise myself to taste some of their specialties. By the way, their branch in Greenbelt 1 was an open area and they don’t have comfy couches, but if you want more attractive place you better try their branch at Glorietta 4. 

All of us order for Pollo al Forino con Pasta, these sets includes Chicken Leg or Thigh served with pasta of the day and 2 pcs Italian Empanada with a glass of iced tea. The pasta of the day is Bolognese Penne; unfortunately the staff told us that penne noodles are not available instead they only have the most common round-rod pasta.
The pasta was appetizing and well-cooked. I love the combination of Parmesan cheese and basils which balances the taste of the tomato sauce. The chicken was juicy and fresh; definitely make this yummier because of chili oil they offer.  The empanada is thin smooth bread with Parmesan cheese inside topped with light tomato paste. 

Pollo al Forino con Pasta Php 149.00

Chili Oil and Parmesan Cheese

Since AME got her first salary as contractual in Friendster, she promised us to treat for dessert. She offered to try Tiramisu, a coffee flavored dessert crowned with crashed graham. We were full but still we settled to try their version of Tiramisu.

Tiramisu Php 100.00
 We were filled after eating as the servings are enough. I highly recommend their pasta and empanada!

Piadina Italian
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 1
Makati City