Celebrating Heart’s Day @ Commons

I know most couples are waiting for February to come since its “Love month”. Ever since Ian turn out to be my official boyfriend we make sure to celebrate heart’s day together either simple but romantic dinner or out of town. Last year we celebrated Valentine’s Day with friends at Hot Air Balloon and Anawangin Trip but since the heart’s day falls on weekdays we chose to celebrate it with a simple, romantic and idealistic dinner.

Before this special day comes, I didn’t know what his plan are but Ian searched for the best restaurant that are not crowded, offers cozy and friendly ambiance and of course within Makati area only. We know that most people will visit Greenbelt or Glorietta that time and we don’t want to wait for a call for us to be seated due to long queue of people. Ian has 3 choices but unfortunately, we are down to two and finally settled at Commons after we haven’t seen the exact location of Coquina Restaurant. 

Commons is located in front of Citibank Tower, sort of clandestine location.  I know this restaurant ever since because my former boss always make reservation in this place during his meeting with clients. By the way, I had our advance booking during lunch time as I know we need to do it for us to be seated on a nice part of restaurant. Upon arrival at the place, a courteous waitress approaches us and asks if we have reservation with them and as I told my name they assist us in our seats. The place is a small modern elegant and cosmopolitan restaurant with mini bar which owned by Filipino Businessman. Equipped with light and right lightning that comes in surprisingly cozy chairs, for me this is one of the best romantic dining with classy interiors around the place.

Mini Bar
During that time, they prepared a live band that serenades you while having your romantic dinner.

You can’ go wrong ordering the meals they offer. They have excellent selections of Filipino meals from appetizer to desserts. One staff offers us their Valentine’s package worth Php 1,500.00 good for 2 persons but we decided to choose our food on our own.  Ian is craving for prawns unfortunately out of stock. So he replace his order from grilled prawns to Sinigang na Hipon (Sour Shrimp Soup), one of his favorite dish and very famous meal in the Philippines. I love the deliciously and tempting sour taste of Sinigang na hipon, topped with fresh vegetables and herbs. I don’t spot fresh Tamarind which is the main and traditional ingredient in Sinigang but I guess they use several brands of tamarind mixes that can buy easily in supermarket.

Sinigang na Hipon Php 375.00

Well, overall, their version of Sinigang na Hipon is extremely delicious and has a very satisfying flavor you can never resist with it. Ian also adds Deep Fried Spareribs for our main course, I love the tenderness, crispiness and juiciness of the meat but the flavor was too salty.

Deep Fried Spareribs Php 320.00
We are both hungry that time so we opted to order for Yang Chow Fried Rice which is actually good for 3-4 persons. Haha. Whenever we visit Chinese restaurant, we make sure to order Yang Chow Fried Rice but this time we were surprise with the savor included in the rice, I suppose they put some curry mixes since you can really taste it. Even without main dish, you can still eat their own version of Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Yang Chow Fried Rice Php 245.00
Even though we didn’t avail their promo package, a nice and very charming waiter gave us 2 glasses of red wine. Whoa! How romantic right, Ian and I do the toss in celebration of heart’s day. Weehh..

Be prepared to spend at least Php 1,000.00 good for two persons, depending on what you order. This is perfect for anniversary dinner or if you just want to impress someone or if you are just looking for a quiet but romantic place where you and you partner can relax. The service crews are awfully friendly since we get our service with a big smile and very attentive in our request.  

Our Valentine celebration was simple yet romantic, not only because of his surprise and my surprise on Valentine's day but also we had a scrumptious dinner at Commons.

Thank you honey for everything, you are the man, my love of my life, my everything.. Thank you for taking care of me always, for your unconditional love, for your love promise, for always telling me how much you love me, for doing everything just to make me smile, for the feeling of serenity for having you in my life and make me feel that I’m so special and luckiest girl in the world. I love you honey!  

Commons Resto and Bar
Manhantan Square Condominum
162 Valero St., Salcedo Village 
Makati City