Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw & Food House

My dad turns 57 last December 10, unfortunately we're not able to celebrate it since it was our company's Christmas Party that time while my dad is also busy on his work. It's so good to know that my dad won 2nd place for best in costume during their Christmas party last Saturday at Seriland, manila Ocean Park, he won Php 2,000.00. Not bad.

Look, I'm proud to introduced you the best Daddy in the whole world! Nice wig dad!

So to celebrate his post birthday and at the same time for being 2nd placer in their party, we had a good time last Sunday. After hearing mass at Don Bosco Makati, we decided to have our dinner at Seaside Market in San Miguel Bay. My dad chose Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw & Food House because this restaurant is tested for having a real home cooking you want and also we have been tried this restaurant for the nth time already. The place is smaller compared to other restaurant in Dampa but the service is great as well as the ambiance.

Daddy and Ate Aissa go to the market to buy fresh sea foods and let Trinity do the cooking services, just name it and they will cook it for you like steamed, grilled, sinigang or ordinary cooking. It;s my dad's choice what to do with the items they got and here they are.


First to arrive is the Crabs with sweet chili sauce.  I appreciate the dish since the sweet and chili collides with each other which make crabs yummier. Sweet chili sauce was perfect. They provide crackers if you are requesting for it.

As Filipino, meal is never complete without soup so we order for Sinigang na Hipon. I love the sour broth that includes fresh vegetable and shrimp. The combination of these ingredients is the recipe of making Trinity a unique Seafood restaurant.

Followed by Baked Mussels, this has always been my favorite ever since. The baked just right, it melts in your mouth and really increases your appetite. Having fresh mussels from the market might have something to do with how successful this dish was.

Then, finally the Calamares, a mouth-watering and simply delicious squid served with special dip.

We had a delightful dinner at Trinity plus bonding moments at Starbucks makes my Sunday night complete.

Sorry for the poor pictures, I already sold my Canon 1000d last week to my dear friends :(( and still waiting for my new baby to arrive. (Canon EOS 450D) ^__^

Trinity Ihaw-Ihaw & Food House

Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila