Pancake House

I'm so lonely yesterday since Ian and I wasn't able to see each other for 3 days and for this reason I make myself busy by doing Christmas shopping with my friends. I asked my former officemates to accompany me at Landmark to buy some clothes and shoes for my upcoming birthday.

Kathy and Ola are one of my closest friends in FDC, perhaps one of the reasons why we are still together even I'm no longer connected with FDC it's because we have lot of things in common and one of it is that we both love to eat! I'm the one in-charge in choosing the best restaurant where we can sit down and relax at the same time, since I'm craving for some pancakes / waffles we finally settled at Pancake House. This is actually my 2nd time in this restaurant and I can totally say that this place continues to be associated with delicious comfort food with money dining experience and friendly service. I love the plain and flavored pancakes and waffles they offer, really tasty.

Pancake House has a nice modern-looking place. I love the color combination; orange and yellow are very warm in my eyes. They hang down some movie posters on their walls as their decorations. The ambiance was nice and you can totally relax at the same time enjoy the food. Their comfort room is for both male and female, common CR should I say. We were warmly welcome when we entered. The service is fast, they are very attentive to serve the customers. It's so hard to decided what to order since that time I'm already craving for some pasta dish but I also love to eat rice. Whoa! After 5 minutes of discussion, finally we placed our

Kathy order for House Specials Set which includes a delicious mix of their specialties; taco, spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, 1 piece of pan chicken and iced tea. Kathy offers me to grab a bite of taco, as it flavor really fresh. I love the fresh tomato; you could taste the onions immediately as it was overflowing, but what makes this taco special is because of the cheese on top. It was bit messy to eat but the taste is really good. I also try the chicken and spaghetti; however the chicken is a bit too oily to be enjoyed.

House Special Set Php 215.00

Ola is craving for some chicken stuff so she chose the Pan Chicken Special Set. A combination of two pieces of pan chicken with gravy, tuna macaroni, buttered toast and iced tea. The chicken was deep fried until golden brown, has a crispy skin but again too oily inside.

Pan Chicken Special Set Php 215.00

My friends ordered and so I opt to try their Roast Beef Special. A mix of roast beef with vegetables on the side (corn and carrots), Caesar salad, plain rice and iced tea. The roast beef is juicy and really blends with the gravy on top of it. The salad was nice and it goes well with the beef.

Roast Beef Special Php 231.00

I love Pancake House, it offers pretty reasonably priced, the atmosphere of the place and the servers was superbly approachable and well-organized. Well, they not only served pancakes but also other Filipino specialties.

meet my girlfriends.. ^___^

Pancake House
The Link, Ayala Site A
Ayala Center, Makati City