Do you still use your Friendster Account?

Of course I need to ask you guys since this is where I work now. Previously on my blog, I stated that I'm leaving First Datacorp where I worked for almost 3 years. And now this is my first time to share with you my new home, Friendster Philippines Inc.

Friendster is the first social networking site I ever had. I think I started using it way back college life specifically 3rd year, so that was 2004 meaning 6 years ago. Well at first I was really hesitant to create an account since it was prohibited in our school, but my dear friends convince me to have one. Upon activating my account, I become an avid user of Friendster by posting photos and adding comments & testimonials to my friend's page. What I like on FS is that you can see who are the people who viewed your profile. Hhhmm.. Stalker. Hehe. After several years new social networking site appears, Facebook which I think millions of people are using right now because for them it is more accessible and easy-to-use than Friendster. Sad to say, Friendster became people's 2nd choice.

When I was interviewed by HR, honestly I think twice if I'm going to grab the offer or not since I know that this company is no longer common to the people because of various social networking arrive. But here I am now, working here and proud to say that Friendster is still ALIVE!

Sharing with  you some of my stuffs at Friendster.

So to help my company being number one again, I ask a simple favor with you reader to update your Friendster account and be surprised for the new environment and features it offers. ^____^

Friendster Philippines, Inc.
PH1 Jaka Building
6780 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel No.: +632 750-7715 to 18
Fax No.: +632 750-7719