Wensha Spa

Ian and I feel so stressful and poisonous from work, so we decided to relax and for that reason Spa treatment is the best solution to our problem.

Last Saturday after Ian's dance practice for their upcoming Christmas part, we then go off to Wensha Spa located in Buendia cor Diosdado Macapagal Road in Pasay City (in front of World Trade Center). We've tried this spa last year and promise that we will come back again and now we're back! But before that, we opted to visit the World Trade Center to do some shopping spree. After 3 hours, we went in at Wensha Spa around 8:30pm. Upon entering, we were greeted by a courteous receptionist and ask for our services we want to avail. There is a tarpaulin on the side where you can see the list of services they offered. But since we already know what type of services we want, we get the so-called "Wensha Body Massage" for only Php 680.00 per person. In this package you can avail the basic body massage in private room, "shabu-shabu eat all you can", experience the hot and cold Jacuzzi, steam bath and hot spring swimming pool. They also provide towels, robes @ shorts, brush, shampoo with conditioner, body wash, powder, disposable tooth brush, tooth paste, cotton buds, hair blower etc. I think almost everything you'll need is there. And wait! You can even stay here for a maximum of 6 hours. Not bad at all it;s reasonable anyway.

Upon payment, you'll be given your wristband locker with rubber bracelets that you can carry on anywhere. Several slippers for girls with different colors are arranged on the floor, while for the boys' only one color, Blue. Girls are separated from boys at this spa. Unlike at other spa in the metro, they have a couple's room so you can be together.

our locker key

We decided to have our body massage before eating. Most of the rooms are private which can accommodate two persons. The beds are clean and new so it is nice to sleep here after massage. The therapists are well-trained and very friendly. Their massage is great that's why I fell asleep during our session. Haha. After the massage, the attendant will give you a piece of paper where you can write the amount of tip you want to give her. Ian was done with his treatment when I arrived at the dinning area so we chose to eat our dinner. Aside from heavy meal they serve they also have shabu-shabu. Their foods are tasty, it will definitely blow your appetite to the fullest. We enjoy the eat all you can food specially the shabu-shabu. Take note that you need to pay Php 300.00 for the left over so be careful of the foods that you put on your plates. By the way, the restaurant has an "outdoor" for smokers and "indoor" area for non-smokers.


my food

Ian's food

After our delightful dinner at outdoor area, we chose to stay for a while. The place has TV's at each end, they provided a pillowed bench type seats where you can seat at your comfortable positions. At the indoor area, there is also a TV on the center to entertain the guest while eating. More comfortable chairs are waiting for you to feel more relax.

happy couple

 Around 11:15pm, when Ian and I decided to go back at the wet room to experience the steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi and be at the main hall one hour after. In the wet room, you can see that everybody;s naked! Yes! No underwear or shirt, just you and their towels. At first, I was shy to take off my towels but upon seeing everybody, I decided to do the same thing as well. Whoa! Since I'm all alone, I enjoy watching television, what's unique idea putting large projected TV shows in the center. I also love to relax on the plastic beach provided while putting some cold ice on my face! Wow!

After you go through the wet room, you'll need to change into more civilized boxer shorts and robes before going to the restaurant. We left Wensha Spa around 1:45am on Sunday. Overall experience in Wensha Spa s great! Ian and I both pleased with out massage treatment, the facilities they have are very well maintained. We will surely be back again and next time, we'll go there early.

Wensha Spa is open 24 hours with seven days a week service, so you have the option what time you would want to experience body spa.

P.S. I wasn't able to take good shots at the spa because it was prohibited, we only use our cellphone camera here. Just visit the place and you will see what I mean.

Wensha Spa
CCP Complex, Buendia Avenue
Roxas Blvd. Pasay City
Tel No.: + 632 832-0515 or +632 833-9878 loc 106