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Ian treats his college friends for dinner yesterday as his post birthday celebration. In this group, every time one member celebrates his/her birthday, he/she is obliged to treat the whole group. Haha. Maybe because we enjoy being with each other, loves food trip, talking about any thing and do lots of picture taking. Hehe. This birthday treat was actually postponed due to Ian's health conditions; he got sick a day before our scheduled dinner, but there is a sayings "It's better late than never!" so before his birthday month ends, he prefer to celebrate it with his chosen friends.

We've been tried this restaurant for years now and I can say that I still keep on coming back to taste for more of those delicious Filipino dishes. As you all know, Recipes is a Filipino restaurant having a menu that has been perfected to suit you taste buds with affordable prices . The ambiance is simple having an ascetic interior design. I love the concept of having stone walls that makes it more relaxing and cool. Recipes by Metro was packed with guest for dinner when we arrived but since I reserved for our seats, it's less hassle for us to wait for our turn.

Our first option is to try their famous "gising gising". I was curious about it since the "gising gising" I know and tried is consist of different variety of vegetables with a little spicy added to make it yummier but here it is a combination of baguio beans, meats and coconut milk (gata). What makes this good flavor is that you won't realize from eating vegetables instead you will focus on the spiciness thing of this dish. A must try on your visit. For me, every bite is like tasting it for the first time.

Gising Gising Php 160.00

Next, we opted to try their Lechon Kawali with Kangkong. The meat was right to the crisp and good as main dish. They are snuggling on a bed of deliciously sautéed kangkong and oyster sauce. It's not usual in putting the meat with kangkong and sauces poured on the bowl and letting the flavor dribble into both meat and vegetable. Take note that despite of this thing, lechon kawali retains its crunchiness.

Lechon Kawali with Kangkong Php 205.00

Ian also ordered for Korean Beef Stew. The beef itself is chunky and gristly. I love the combination of sweetness and tenderness of carrots and potatoes blend with spicy sauces.

Korean Beef Steaw Php 258.00

They also offer new Fish Fillet dishes where you may choose to have it as escabeche, garlic sauce or curry sauce but Ian opted to try escabeche and garlic sauce. The fish was tender and the sauce really blends with the fish.

Fish Fillet in escabeche sauce Php 190.00

Fish Fillet in garlic sauce Php 190.00

For drinks, I prefer to have Ripe Mango Shake; Yen chose Lemonade while CJ and Sha ordered for bottomless iced tea.

Ripe Mango Shake Php 85.00

Lemonade Php 60.00

Of course since its Ian's post birthday treat yesterday and birthdays is not complete without special gift, our group decided to give him a photography book because as for your information, Ian really loves photography.

our gift ^_^

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Recipes by Metro
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