F21 Photography Club goes in Cebu

Our group visits the queen city of South, Cebu City last September 2. We already booked our plane ticket as early as February since Cebu Pacific offers 50% for all Domestic flights that time. You all know that one of our club objectives is to travel in order for us to see the beauty of our country, so here we are exploring the Vizayas part and sharing our adventure experience.

I'm in-charge for doing our itineraries; our accommodation, the places that we need to visits, up to the propose budget , I studied it very well. It's not easy to do this task alone since you should take some considerations of the others. So every time I have free time, I surf in the Internet and read some reviews to get ideas that will help us in this trip. I feel pressured as the days slowly approaching; I need to finalize our hotel booking, but all these pounding feeling turns out into exciting emotions.

We prefer to get the 2nd flight schedule that's why we arrive at Terminal 3 as early as 5:15am. We are all excited because we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary! Yes! F21 Manila turns 1! One year of friendship and still counting. Honestly, I love this group because with them, I can be myself. We both love photography and most important is we really enjoy being with each other.

Jack recommends Cebu R Hotel; this hotel is the cheapest among the list that she gave me. After checking their website and reading some reviews, I keep on sending emails and requesting for quotations. I also had a chance to get a coaster that will pick us at the airport and for our whole day city tour.

while waiting for our coaster (picture grab from Emman)

inside the coaster (pictures taken by Sheryl using his mobile phone)

This was actually my first time to visit Cebu, so I want to make the most of our time exploring the beauty of this city. The ambiance s like Manila, they already commercialized. While approaching the city, we saw the known Mactan - Mandaue Bridge or popularly called "The First Mactan - Mandaue Bridge". From some research, it is the first of two bridges spanning across the Mactan Channel and connecting the island of Cebu and Mactan.

We first stop was at the Magellan's cross shrine. This is the famous cross which symbolizes of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines. This is also a proof of a successful colonization of our country by Spain. There are lots of vendors who sell colorful candles that you need to offer in the cross. Each candle represents health, family, love, money and work.

us ♥

F21 Manila with friends (using Jandi's wide angle lens)

Next is the Basilica Del Santo Niño; a home of the oldest religious relic in the Philippines. It was built purportedly on the spot where the imagine of the Sto. Niño, a sculpture depicting the Holy child Jesus found by Spanish explorers in 1565 preserved in a burned wooden box which was left behind during the 1521 Magellan expedition. (source: wikipedia)

inside the church

Then we decided to visit the Taoist Temple, unfortunately security guard didn't allow us to enter because we have a professional camera with us and according to him they don't allowed those kinds of cameras to enter in the said sacred place. Our group was little bit disappointed the way guard treat us, maybe the administration should teach that guard a little respect to the visitors / tourists like us. We also emphasize that we do respect the sacred place and as a photographer we only want to capture the beauty of that place. Because of this incident, our group opted to leave the temple and continue our city tour.

So for our next destination is to visit the Fort San Pedro. The place is like Fort Santiago in Intramuros, you also need to pay Php 30.00 for the entrance fee and Php 15. 00 for the parking. The fort is made up of stones, this is also served as watch tower and defense headquarters from invaders of the island. In Cebu, this is one of their historical attractions. This is also known as the smallest and oldest fort in the Philippines.

Group Picture

We really enjoy taking pictures with the grass, we also try jump shot but we failed. Hehe.

Since it's already 12 noon, our group decided to have scrumptious lunch at one of the famous lechonan in Cebu, "CNT Lechon" since according to my sister and friends who already went in Cebu, it was the tastiest Lechon (roasted pig) they had ever tasted.

While approaching the streets, our coaster opted to stop at the Heritage of Cebu Monument. This is a tableau of sculptures made of concrete, brass, steel and bronze which was deisgned and built by a Filipino sculptor Eduardo Delos Santos Castrillo. This monument shows some historical scenes and events of Cebu. So if ever you are visiting Cebu City, don't miss to visit this monument.

We continue our city tour and headed us in the monument of Lapu-Lapu which is now called the "Liberty Shrine" in Mactan Island. This shrine was built in honor of Lapu-Lapu and to remember the Battle of Mactan. I was surprised in seeing this life-size statue of our brave Lapu-Lapu facing the river while holding his bolo and shield. I can't believe that I was standing in front of this remarkable statue, taking pictures where Lapu-Lapu ended the life of defeater Magellan. This is a historical marker that states the heroism of Lapu-Lapu which needs to be remembered forever.

Monument of Lapu - Lapu

Group shot


F21 Manila ^_^

After our very tiring tour, we decided to go back in hotel to refresh, have our dinner at Ayala Center Cebu, inuman session and getting ready for our Bohol adventure the following day.

Some pictures was taken by Ian..