Family Dinner at Kenny Roger's

After hearing mass at Don Bosco Makati, my mom decided to treat us dinner at Super Bowl Glorietta, but my dad suggested trying Kenny Roger's instead. Kenny Roger's is well-known for their baby back ribs and mouth-watering muffins.

My dad order for Solo Plate A which consists of 1/4 chicken classic as main dish, 1 regular side dish, 1 plain rice (but my dad upgrade it to java rice, just add Php 10.00) and corn muffin. Th chicken is roasted the way it should be, tasty and luscious. I think it was marinated for 24 hours with the most flavor and secret spices then slowly roasted to golden brown perfection. Their chicken was of course one of the tastiest I've ever had. By the way, the cold side dish includes slices of pineapple, peaches, green and red apple.

Solo Plate A Php 158.00

JM and I ordered for Chicken and Rib Plate. It composes of 1/2 slab of rib, 1 pc of roasted chicken, 1 plain rice (upgrade to java rice), 2 side dishes (Corn and Carrots Nibblets and Macaroni Cheese) and their signature muffin. I love their ribs, you can really eat all the meats and leave the bones and the barbecue sauces balance it perfectly. I was a little bit disappointed since the servings of the chicken and side dishes were smaller; it was not enough to feed our growling stomachs.

Solo B4 Classic Php 405.00

My mom wants to try their Grilled American Barbecue which comes with 1/4 roast chicken, upgraded java rice, 1 side dish (mashed potato) and of course, my mom's favorite, Muffin. She enjoys the side dish since it was a nice match to the chicken and proved to be very satisfying.

Grilled American Barbecue Php 175.00

And finally, we order for pitcher of Ice Tea for our drinks.

Pitcher of Ice Tea Php 130.00

It has always been a nice and scrumptious dining experience every time we dine at Kenny Roger's; cheaper price but delectable foods that will satisfy your needs. I'm happy to be with my family and spent another whole Saturday with them.

Kenny Roger's Roaster
Level 3, Glorietta
Makati City