Heartfelt letter to the whole world!

I know as of this very moment, you already heard and seen on television as well as in the Internet about what happened in our country 2 days ago.

To give you a glimpse of this tragic incident, one annoyed ex-policeman Rolando Mendoza armed with an M-16 assault rifle hijacked the bus were there tourists specifically Hongkong and Chinese National in Quirino, Grandstand Manila. The main reason why he did this crime is because Mendoza was desperate to get his job back and after 12-hour standoff, the dramatic hostage crisis ends leaving at least nine people dead and the hostage taker.

On behalf of all Filipinos around the world, I deeply apologize for what happened last August 23. You know Jose Dilao is right, not all Filipinos are like Mendoza. Honestly, we are humane; willing to give unconditional love, hospitable, well-valued and most important is we have fear in God. Please do not judge and abuse us because of this incident. I know no one anticipate or want these things to happen; it's just that our country is now facing another big problem but was trying to stand and face this entire dilemma with heroism.

Our country is full of beautiful places to visit, Chocolate Hills in Bohol, white-sand in Boracay, Underground River in Palawan, Rice Terraces in Mt. Province etc. We love our country and the tourists that visit us. Despite of these scenic spots, our love ones leave this country and chose to serve other states for us and I wholly trust all of you that you treat them very well.

I amiably ask the whole world to forgive us and help our country to be at peace all the times. This incident will help us to improve our security specifically to the tourists who will go to our dear country and be able to serve you better.

Now, Hongkong and China advices their communities to avoid visit the Philippines because of the threat of hostage taking. I can't blame you for whatever decision you had made but I'm asking you to please consider my heartfelt letter before your final decision. Look our country in a positive ways and I'm still hoping that you will consider Philippines as one of your favorite tourist spot despite of this crisis happening to us.

Again, please forgive us and we are so sorry!