Another try @ Krocodile Grill

Being with my TRUE friends is one of my happiness in life. I consider them as my sisters and definitely I can trust them without any doubt. After I filed my resignation, I immediately ask my friends if they could spend their Friday gimmick with me since I'm still cannot get over with the situation I'm facing right now. So after calling and texting my dearest friends who left us before, that night is one of the most memorable dinner I've ever had with them. I told them about my problems and without any hesitations they give me their full support and care that I needed most. I felt so blessed having them in my life and for that reason I can say that we had a full blast night last 2 weeks ago.

I've been tried this restaurant countless times before, so I have already an idea about their menu. Krocodile Grill offers free kropeck while waiting for your orders.

Steph opted to order Sinigang na Liempo. The soup was really good, I love the real tamarind added to make it really sour.

Sinigang na Liempo Php 175.00

She also added Inihaw na Squid, since I'm craving with their Crispy Pata, I order one for us. The pata was huge and really mouth-watering!

Inihaw na Squid (Big) Php 315.00

Crispy Pata Php 405.00

We order bottomless ice tea which the waiters did not fall to keep it bottomless! Yes! Krocodile Grill was literally BOTTOMLESS!

Bottomless Iced Tea Php 50.00

Since Ian and I have Ayala Card we got our free dessert, Vanilla Ice cream which we share with my dear friends.

We ended up our scrumptious dinner by having picture taking and make fun of the things happened to my life. Haha.

Mercy, Gen and Steph

May, Wendy, Me and Ian

Meet my TRUE friends.. ♥

Krocodile Grill
328 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City