UBBE: Bohol Beach Club

Since all of us want to see and explore the famous Bohol Beach Club, our group decided to stroll by pair so that the security guard will not notice us since every time we try to come in the vicinity; he always stop us from passing by. Jandi, Ian and I planned to try it first and luckily we go through the area of the resort easily. As we walk around the seashore of this resort , my initial reaction was I really amazed how this wonderful beach created. I felt in-love with the serenity of the surroundings, the longest stretch of fine and powdery white sand beach, the plenty palm trees with pristine waters and lastly, the place is not crowded unlike other beaches in Panglao.

photos taken by Jandi

photo taken by Emman

photo taken by Ian

The sand in Bohol Beach Club is finer than that of Balicasag. The water was also more peaceful compared to Dumaluan. It so nice to see a fantastic green color that slowly turns blue as the water deepens and the beach itself is like a paradise where you can enjoy your time watching the natural beauty of the place. We were overjoyed and simple had our mini pre-nuptial into the beach and enjoyed the happiness in lying down at the cradle courtesy of Jandi.

Emo Mode

Monkey 1

Monkey 2

a.k.a pre-nuptial
photos by Jandi

photo taken by Ian

The beach is beautiful and fantastic, I swear! The powder-like white sand and coconut trees leaning out toward the blue-green waters makes this resort astounding! It is one of the beast beaches in the area and one of the great places to chill and relax. This place is unsurpassed and makes it the ideal destination for every tourists dream vacation!