UBBE: Dumaluan Beach Resort

For our last day in Bohol, we opted to visit another 2 islands, Dumaluan and Bohol Beach Club. This time, we only have half day to explore the beach but we promise to make the most of it. Our driver drop off at Dumaluan station 2 since this resort is open to the public and for this reason the beach was crowded and chaotic so we decided to walk on seashore and look for the best place to stay. We reached the end of the island which I think station 1 of Dumaluan. At first, we are all doubtful to put off because the sea was dirty. There are lots of seaweeds and even plastics within the coast.

photos taken by Jandi

photo taken by Ian

some seaweeds on the sand..

We planned to stay at Bohol Beach Club but the guard told us that we need to pay Php 500.00 consumable for the entrance and use of facilities, since all of us travelling under tight budget we decided to stay at Dumaluan station 1 instead and hoping that the management of that resort already cleanse up all the mess in the beach. Thank God, as we reached again the station 1, we all surprised that they already cleanse the chaos that spread within the area. So in the end, we rent for one big table and pay Php 100.00 per person where in we placed our things for safety.

inside the resort

Dumaluan Resort is located beside the famous Bohol Beach Club and one of the most scenic beaches in Bohol. The sand here if finer than Balicasag Island. It's so nice to see the water in different colors; blue from the farthest, light green in the middle and white or clear near the shoreline (maybe because of the sands). The water was serene and the trees are worth seeing which actually serve as our shades.

sleeping.. zzzzzzzz...

Overall, we enjoy the tranquility and splendid of Dumaluan Beach Resort!