UBBE: Alona Beach Resort

Since we still have one more island to visit, we left Balicasag by 11am for us to be at Panglao by 12 noon for lunch. I've been here with my family before and I can absolutely say that this island makes me want to stay all day. After settling in, we headed down to the beach and had our pricey lunch. :((

Alona Beach Resort is located at Panglao where fine white sand beaches and great accommodations can be found. This beach resort has become the favorite place of both locals and foreign tourist since it has a perfect boast of a long stretch of white sands beaches embracing crystal-clear and blue waters.

photo taken by Emman

The beach itself was filled with resorts, restaurants and bar creeping up the beach shoreline. They also provide fun outdoor activities which is perfect place to get away from our busy lifestyle in Manila and time to relax.


However, when we arrived at the island, the long stretch of powdery white sand was filled with sea weeds. I guess the people in Panglao already forget to maintain its beauty and cleanliness; honestly, I even saw plastic wrappers floating on the sea. So sad! We keep on walking until we reached the end of the island, placed our things on the sand and relax. I even take a nap since I can feel the fresh air from the coconut trees. We enjoy frolicking in the beach and take some photo ops as well.

photo taken by Emman

Joan playing frisbee with Andie

And with a little more of our energy left, we spent more time swimming at the beach.

photo taken by Emman

photos taken by Jandi

And finally, the best way to end our day is seeing the sunset; the sky was magical blue and yellow hues which added to my tropical feelings.

beautiful sunset

♥ US ♥

I highly recommend this place to visit!