Meet our new Doctor in town!

Mariel is one of my closest friends in Jr. CWL (Catholic Women's League). As all of you know that I had served our parish for the past 10 years and I chose Jr. CWL to be part of my life. I give you a brief story how Mariel and I became friends 10 years ago. Tita Ester informed us last May 2001 that our parish (National Shrine of Sacred Heart) established a new organization that concentrates of charitable, religious and socio-economic. This is also a civic, non-partisan, non-profit and non-government organization which Catholic women can find a means of growth in faith and have the opportunity to serve God and concerted effort in the exercise of their vocation and apostolate.Without any hesitation, I join this group and elected as Secretary for 2 years. I became the unit president and at the same time president of Archdiocese of Manila for 2 years. Mariel and I shares same interest that's why our friendship still continue until now.

We've been into many activities together; Charity work, Christmas Party, Tutorial, Medical Mission and Monthly Meeting. I remember she always brings her notebook during our choir whenever she has exam the following day. She loves to smile and talked about her love life. Mariel is a jolly person; she makes sure that whenever we met, she will give her cutest smile. 10 years of friendship is hard to keep but for us we treasure it by serving God with all our heart.

Last Saturday, I received an invitation from her to attend our monthly meeting. Honestly, this pas few years due to my busy work schedules I wasn't able to participate in our activities, but I assure them that my heart still belongs to CWL. Her mom decided to give thanks giving party since she passed the recently board exam for Medical. Yes! You read it right! She took medicine for 10 years and finally she made it! After those trials, reviews, defense, and duties finally our dear Mariel achieve her dream!

So last Sunday, even though I had lack of sleep the day before the event, JM and I attended our monthly meeting to see her and personally congrats her. I'm so happy seeing my old members growing up. I realized that it's been 4 years since the last time I saw them. I love this group; we shared same passion in serving God and keep on believing in our dreams!

Jr. CWL (Pioneer - Batch 2001)

after mass

my dear friend ^_^

For you our dear Dr. Mariel, Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Dr. Elena Boado

By the way, she opted to master pediatrics which deals with the medical care of infants, children and teens.