Baby Matthew Cedric Ordinanza

We all know that babies are wonderful, but they can also wake you up at night. It also lot of fun to have them in house, but it can be tiring too but for any reason I love the baby right from the start.

September 16, 2010 Thursday when Armela gave birth to a cute, angelic and healthy baby boy. I can't imagine that my cousin Tonton is now a Father. Well, I guess that's life so always expect the unexpected. Hehe. After our meeting last Sunday and attended the mass, JM and I decided to visit our new nephew, his name is Matthew Cedric Ordinanza which according to them that name came from Bible.


Having baby in the house is something I really want to experience. They dribble, spit and make lots of dirty diapers. They are too innocent they can't talk on their own, or even go to the bathroom like what we do. Babies need  so much care and love that's why both mom and dad will be busy making sure that the baby gets the rest, food, clean diapers and love he or she needs.

I want milk.......

When baby Matthew join in our family, there are some changes happened in our life, but many of them are good ones. I'm so excited to play peekaboo with him and even teach him to walk and run.

Angelic smile.. ^___^

with Daddy

Our baby Matthew just might grown up to be our lifetime pal!