Farewell my FDC Friends

Hello everyone,

As most of you know, today is my last working day in this company. Please consider this to be my sincere goodbye to each and every one on you.

I want you all to know that I am truly leaving here with mixed feelings; happy about my new career opportunity but sad to be leaving such a great company where I have so many wonderful friends and colleagues. The last three years as a member of FDC team was the best period of my career so far. I learned a great deal and worked with many people with whom I am sure I will remain friends for a long time. I like you to know that I thank and appreciate the affection and camaraderie that you all have shown to me.

Take care, be well, and I know life will always find a way to help you through the saddest of times. I must leave now, but in no way, will I ever forget you all.

Thank you so much for making my time in FDC a truly enjoyable one.

Good luck and God Bless you all!

***My sincere apology to everyone I've hurt along the way! ***

Signing Off,