Aloi invited me to have some bonding with them last Tuesday, so I ask for Ian's permission since he always picked me from office everyday. I thanked him since he grant my request but instructs me to go home immediately after our dinner, I think he was just worried about me since he wasn't able to accompany me that day. Hehe. I left the office around 6pm since Rhon called me at my mobile phone that he's already at our meeting place waiting for us. We already decided to have dinner at Friday's because Aloi requested for it and we all know that T.G.I.Friday's is a cozy and right place for us to chill out after a long day from work, while waiting for her arrived, Rhon and I opted to buy birthday gift for Ian (white sport watch with compass) at Rudy Project.

Since it's already past 7 in the evening, we chose to wait Aloi inside the restaurant. We were greeted by a cheerful waiter and lead us to our seats. Friday's or also known as T.G.I.Friday's offers American foods with wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They also have some really great and refreshing shakes, cocktails and smoothies. The ambiance is very relaxing, nice place to unwind, to do chitchat with friends and love ones; its always upbeat and lively plus the decors which are so impressive.


The food is genuinely delectable with generous servings that suit up to 3 people, the service was great two thumbs up should I say since all waiters including OJT are always checking us if we need something. I chose to order for our drinks first while waiting for Aloi to arrive when one staff suggests us to try their best seller which is Piolo Pascual and other popular artists favorite, the Gold Medalist. It is a delicious creamy blended fruit drinks which is a combination of strawberry and banana. I really love the taste since you will totally feel the flavor of the fresh fruits.

Gold Medalist Php 185.00

Finally around 8pm, Aloi arrived. We requested her to place orders for us since she will be the one in-charge for the bill. Hehe. Since she's very tired from work, Aloi ordered for an appetizer first. She chose to try the L.A Triple Salad, a healthy journey with 3 salads which includes the Southern potato salad, Midwest beans n' veggies and the Spiral pasta with ham.

L.A Triple Salad Php 355.00

Aloi added Jack Daniel's Sampler which is one of their best sellers. It includes jack ribs with shrimp and sesame jack chicken strips served with their original Friday's Jack Daniel sauce. We ordered this one since we know that Friday's is best known for their baby back ribs. The rib was good and really mouth-watering especially when you dip it in their special barbecue sauce.

Jack Daniel's Sample Php 1,285.00

Baby Back Ribs

Sesame Jack Chicken Strips


The Jack Daniel's Sampler can be an appetizer or a meal depending on your appetite, but for us we opted to order two plain rice since all of us skipped to eat merienda for this dinner.

Plain Rice Php 45.00

We shared lots of stories from our work, home, love life etc, we laughed the whole night and of course, we never forget to have some photo ops.

Trio (RN, Rhon, Aloi)

Since I have A-Card, we avail discount which is less Php 250.00 for our total bill, not bad. We were happy with the service of their OJT, Neil Guanzon since he always replies to our questions regarding his work at Friday's and when we request him if I can have his cute colorful pin which caught my attention, he gladly give it to me without hesitation.  In return, I write something int heir suggestion paper and recommend him to be regularized from his work.

Cute Pin from Neil Guanzon

TGIF has always been and will always be one of my favorite restaurants although they offer pricey foods. Thank you Aloi for the wonderful treat! By the way, this is also an advance birthday celebration of Rhon. Happy Birthday Rhon!

Glorietta 3 Ayala Center
Makati CIty