We arrived at Hong Kong around 10:55am, since we have so many things to do for the day we decided to have our lunch at the airport before going to USA Hostel. This was our first time in Hong Kong that's why we explore the whole airport just to look for the food court; finally we reach the 7th level. Since we are not familiar with the other restaurant, we opted to settle at Popeye's. The place is warm and comfy since they provided couch where you can sit down and relax while eating. The good thing about this restaurant is that they provide pictures for their menu as well as the staffs are knows how to speak in English that's why it is easy for us to place our orders.

Ian chose to have Egg + Strip + Sausage while I prefer to try their Egg + Sausage. The food was just an ordinary sausage and scramble egg without any toppings included. Honestly, the taste was flavorless that I even ask for ketchup to make it tasty.

Egg + Strip + Sausage HK$ 28.00

Egg + Sausage HK$ 26.00

Free drinks

I have no idea that in Hong Kong people don't eat too much rice but since I'm hungry for the reason that I only eaten 1 bread before our trip, I request Ian if he could buy additional rice for me. Well, I think he is also starving because he also bought 1 for him.

Plain Rice HK$ 12.00

Our 1st lunch at Hong Kong give us idea how to manage our budget for food in 5 days. Foodstuffs in Hong Kong are pricey but worth it since this will be our first time to explore Hong Kong.

1T1033 Level 7, Terminal 1
Hong Kong Internation Airport