Last Friday, Noel and I planned to have a mini reunion with our college friends. it's been a while since the last time we've been together that's why I'm so happy when these get together happened. I suggest having a simple dinner at Kitchen in Greenbelt 3, I've already tried this before and I have an idea about their menu. Ian picked me together with Suzette at office; we are the first one to arrive at the meeting place followed by Archie, Ian Formanes, Timothy, Noel, Norman and finally Venri.

The things that I love about this restaurant are that it offers simple but interesting dishes served in large plates together with large utensils which we were laughing the whole time because the spoon could not even fit to our mouth. Haha.

Large Utensils

The place is nice and cozy, their chic interior specifically the chandeliers makes this place wonderful, the seats are also worktable which can be shared by other diners. I also love their creativity in serving water, they placed a small "grass" inside which is according to them it's a mint grass but honestly it didn't taste like a mint at all. Hehe.

Service Water

The condiments, cutlery and salt are already on the table and the placemant are made from recycled brown paper. (Environmental Friendly!)


Ian opted to have Sword In, Pan-fried prawns with crab fat sauce. He was kinda disappointed because the shrimps were too small and the crab fat paste was too salty, he hoped that they added something to make the dish more special or either more shrimp instead.

Sword In Php 285.00

Norman, Noel and I preferred to try the Crowned King, pasta with Maya-Maya spread with Florentine sauce. I love pasta in white sauce and I would recommend this meal for white-sauce lovers like me. Te fish itself was tasteless, I even ask Suzette to give me hot sauce for me to have a tasty dinner.

Crowned King Php 250.00

Ian Formanes chose to try the Under the Sun, a seafood pasta sautéed in chili cream sauce. The shrimp and squid were perfectly cooked. When I asked him to taste his pasta, I fell in love with the spicy kick of the cream sauce.

Under the Sun Php 225.00

Archie chose to have Barbie's Cue which includes assorted seafood kebab and pandan rice.

Barbie's Cue Php 240.00

Suzette wants to eat rice so she chose to have Sand Bar; it's a pandan rice with tuna salpicao on top.

Sand Bar Php 225.00

Timothy order for Paesto Maestro, penne pasta mixed with their own version of pesto with quesong puti which is according to him it's flavorless.

Paestro Maestro Php 200.00

After dinner Archie wants to grab some dessert so he order for Sweet Nothings, a chocolate cake that will satisfy his craving.

Sweet Nothings Php 100.00

Since I have A-Card holder, I have a privilege to get some dessert. So here is my free dessert from Kitchen.

I love the way they served the bill. It was given to us rolled in a shot glass.

Not only that when we received our changed and receipt they served it in a piece of paper pocket stamped with their restaurant logo with the words "Thank You". So sweet but nothing more lovable is that the boys including my honey of course paid for the total bill (Php 2,794.00), sharing their Php 500.00 each. Thank you guys!

Group picture :)

133 Level 1 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City