We scheduled our monthly photography meeting last Saturday at Cibo Greenbelt 5. This was my activity after my work and charity at Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was tired the whole day since I was slept late the night before. I always wanted to dine in Cibo since I love to eat pasta, pizza and everything Italian. Cibo serves authentic Italian cruises with a hint of class and a fusion style restaurant. The place was so limited because of the space. The stainless tables and chairs are all good, the bright color orange chairs was also makes the restaurant dramatic.We were seated outside the restaurant that's why I wasn't able to see the interior design.

Since I'm still full from my late lunch as well as Ian, so we preferred not to place orders anymore but Jack our dear friend order one appetizer and one pizza for us. For appetizer, she opted to have the most popular starter, Spinach Gorgonzola or in-short Spinaci.Zola. The dip was made from a mix of spinach and Gorgonzola cheese and served with toast rounds. It was really a prefect combination!

Spinaci Gorgonzola Php 235.00

For pizza, she ordered Prosciutto di Parma. I love their presentation and how it looks like. It includes stewed tomatoes, mozzarella and Parma ham. The size of the pizza was good for 3-4 persons.

Prosciutto di Parma Php 358.00

Ian opted to have ripe mango shake. I really love mango shake, the taste was really refreshing. Fresh fruits included on the side make the presentation delightful.

Mango Shake Php 108.00

Emman ordered brewed coffee for only Php 90.00

You can never be wrong at Cibo; you could dine here and share stories with you friends like what we did. This restaurant is the place to be..

F21 in action ^_^

Jap's little angel ^_^

2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City