Chef d' Angelo

Last Friday, Ian and I planned to watch Eclipse at Glorietta 4. Since we already reserved our seats for this movie we opted to scroll first and have our dinner, so we settled in Chef d' Angelo. We've been to this restaurant many times that's why we already know what to order. Chef d' Angelo is an Italian - American fast and self-service restaurant who became well-known for its huge servings of chicken, pizza, pasta as well as burgers and rice based meals.It's my treat so I asked Ian to seat at the couch and wait for me. We choose to order Sampler 1 which includes one piece of big bird fried chicken served with gravy, choice of spaghetti and a slice of pizza. Ian preferred to have spaghetti in red sauce while I choose the white sauce.

One thing that strikes me about this restaurant is the serving size and price as well. But it proves me wrong this time; we were surprised when we saw their servings, the pasta was too little and the pizza that was served to us was a little bit freezing. I have nothing to say with their chicken; the taste was still the same and the size is unchanged. I love eating their chicken especially when you dip it in their hot sauce. Since I'm so hungry that time and this meal isn't enough for me, I ordered one cup of plain rice for an additional 22 pesos. Haha.

Sample 1 (Chicken, pasta and pizza) Php 138.00

Chef d' Angelo
3rd Floor, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City