Chips Delight

Before we watch Eclipse and had our dinner last Friday, Ian requested me to accompany him at Mercury Drug. He was craving for some chocolates that's why he opted to buy his favorite chocolate, Hersey Kisses (Classic Milk Chocolate with Almonds). I was looking for something when I notice my favorite cookies, Chips Delight. I immediately picked up one approach the counter immediately but Ian hold my hand and told me that he will buy it for me. So sweet!

I really love cookies; In fact I have lots of cookies on my drawer at office as well as on my bed. I am afraid of hunger because I got sick whenever I skipped meals. I easily fell starving every after meal which I don't think its normal to a person. Haha.

Chips Delight offers 4 different kinds of cookies that are all freshly-baked. The Chips Delight  that I chose was the striped chocolate chips cookies; I catch the chocolate-goodness in every bite and I really enjoy the pure chocolate madness in two delightful ways.

Striped Chocolate Chips Cookies Php 22.00