34th National Milo Marathon

Great things start from small beginning. This is it! This is the most prestigious marathon race in the country which everyone should prepare. Ian together with my younger sister registered here c/o Neil, Suzette's boyfriend. We were all excited to join in this event because we know that this is one of the big running events here in the Philippines.

The 34th National Milo Marathon has a goal; part of the registration fee of every participant will be allotted to help provide rubber shoes to one public school per city in the different place of the country where the races will be held. This run is not only physically challenging race but also help build a better tomorrow for those who has a big dream. Every year, there are about 200,000 runners have participated in the National Milo Marathon. Most participants are students from different schools, kids with their parents and even dog run in this event.

picture from their website

Ian and I have a lack of sleep due to lots of activity the night before the run. We both agreed that we just meet at the Baggage area, but unfortunately we didn't aware that they provided 2 baggage area located at different areas. We've been waiting for almost 45 minutes on the side at Quirino Grandstand while Ian is currently at the other side beside the Tamaraw Statue.. Gggrr... Thank God, because my sister told me to try looking for him on the other baggage counter and finally we saw him. I've been into running since 2007 and this was my first time to see huge number of participants who join in the race events. There are lots of questions that bother me before we run, some of them are how can we run with our normal phasing? Is it possible for us to finish 5km in less than 30 minutes? How about the safety of our bags? Is the water they provided can accommodate all of us? That's why I really want to finished the race soon because I'm so worry and I'm not at ease to run..

us before the run

with my sister

The race started around 6:15am on my clock, I told them that we will just meet at the finished line specifically at the baggage area. This was my worst run ever! I promised myself not to run in this event anymore, sorry to say but I'm so disappointed! Here are my reason why I say this so.

1. They don't start the race on time.
2. They don't have any freebies except for the free Milo drink after you run. (I think reasonable enough since you only pay Php 100.00 and Php 5.00 will be donated to the Run-For-A-Cause.
3. They don't limit the number of participants which causes you to do walking instead of running.
4. There is no one in-charge in giving the string upon reaching the U-turn slot for 5km run.
5. The water station is limited.
6. They need to improved their baggage area.
7. Worst was one individual died on the event (running for 21k) due to heat stroke.

Since I placed my bag at the baggage area near finish line and there are only few runners who left their bags in the said counter, I easily grab my bag. But when I asked Ian if he was able to catch his bag on the other side, he immediately told me that there are massive of people at the baggage counter and unfortunately they can't find it. What?! Upon hearing that I ask JM to seat on the safe area while I help to find Ian's bag. The people are starting to scream and make argument with the staffs in the baggage area becuase they stop the releasing. The worst thing was they place the bags outside the baggage area without any security guard on duty, meaning you bags are unsafe. Can you imagine, you can pick any bags you want, you can either get two bags at the same time and you might catch wrong bag since some of them have no baggage number. There are lots of possibilities that you will no longer hold your bag because of this incident.

While Ian is currently n the other side and arguing with a worthless man, I decided to find find his bag placed on the ground. He told me that he brought his Fitness First bag so whenever I saw that kind of bag, I picked it up, bring to my sister's place and open it. Honestly, I picked up wrong bag on my first attempt. Since I don't lose hope, I try to find his bag again. Whenever I saw FF bag, I weight it first before carrying to a safe place. Ian doesn't bring heavy bags during running event, so whenever I picked up heavy FF bag, I immediately return it and find another one. On my second try, I embrace and opened it immediately, I saw his shirt and right away I called Ian and take him away from the commotions at the baggage area.

We didn't expect that this will happen to us, we are so disappointed and promise ourselves not to join in this event next year and from now on, we will remember clearly all the trials and lessons we've learned with that distressing experience of a lifetime.

Can you see, we still handle our emotions and take lots of pictures despite of the things that happened to us.