T.G.I.F at Aling Tonya's Restaurant

We planned to have our get-together again after our Quezon Trip last May 15. So last Friday, finally we meet again. Jars suggested trying Dampa in MOA since all of us love to eat, we all agree to her suggestions. I really love this group, we jive in everything we do, we laugh, we talked about something that make us chuckle all the night and most of all, I can say that this group is really true to themselves that is why I can be myself whenever I'm with them.

I've tried Dampa many times that is why I already know where is the best and worst restaurant here is. Angelo picked us from office around 6:30pm with cab and starts our journey to MOA. We reached MOA seaside around 7:20pm and start to find out where to dine in. I suggest them to try Aling Tonya since I've already tested their cooking. I love their Buttered Spicy Shrimp that they offer that is why I told them that this is one of the best restaurants in Seaside.

While waiting for the others to arrived, Jhoy and I decided to do shopping at the market. We collected Php 500.00 each for the meantime since Jars, Angelo and Ian went to the mall to withdraw while we're still waiting for Jeric to arrived. Jhoy is very good when it comes in bidding the best price maybe because she is an accountant and knows the value of money. Paul which is one of the friendliest staff in the said restaurant assists us in the market. After 15 minutes of shopping galore, we finally go back to the bistro. Good thing, we are already complete that time when the dishes arrived.

Ian, Me, May and Mercy

Jhoy, Jeric, Jars and Angelo

First to arrived is one of my favorite, Buttered Spicy Shrimp. I love the Sauteed shrimp situated in a mixture of butter and highly spiced seasonings.

Buttered Spicy Shrimp

Next was the Garlic Crab. It was fry in garlic which makes the crab appetizing.

Garlic Crab

Since Jhoy has an allergy in sea foods, she prefers to have Inihaw na Liempo. There is no special thing about this food, but this will be tastier when you deep in highly spiced condiments; soy sauce, calamansi and chili.

Inihaw na Liempo

We also ordered Sinigang sa Miso (Maya-Maya) so that we have 1 soup for the meal. I really like the aroma as well as the sour flavor of it that makes our dinner scrumptious.

Sinigang sa Miso (Maya-Maya)

We added Pakbet but unfortunately I didn't take pictures since I use my hands while eating. Haha. Would you believe that we consume 3 bowl of plain rice? The answer is YES! since all of us skip to eat merienda for this food trip. Haha.

Plain Rice

After our luscious dinner, we opt to have group picture and dessert at Selecta Ice Cream c/o Mercy as her birthday treat to us. Thank you Mercy!

@ Aling Tonya

Group picture ^_^

honey :)

After eating ice cream.. :)

Aling Tonya
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