Celebrating Yen's Birthday at Mann-Yann

Happy Birthday Yen!

Yen is one of my dear friends and I met her because of Ian. She is one of Ian's closest friend way back college life. We already spend many out of towns and food trips together and I know that she is happy with her life now. She invites us to celebrate her birthday last Tuesday in Mann-Yan. Before that we already talked about our special gift for her. She is simple girl and I know that she will like whatever gifts that we will give to her. Ian picked me from office and rides a cab going to Glorietta. Since it's too early we choose to stroll first and search for the best gift for Yen. We have a chance to look for a bracelet at Silverworks but unfortunately there is no stunning bangle that will fit to her.

So we decided to try looking at Blade store which offers car accessories. We can't decide what to purchase so we wait for Sha and CJ to arrive. Finally, they arrived after 20 minutes of waiting. I didn't help them in choosing for the gift since the store was too small to accommodate all of us, so I wait for them outside the store and did not get a chance to look for the gift. We then go off to Mann-Yan where Yen is waiting for us. Upon arrival we greet and kiss her and we all get surprised when we saw that the food was already served.

I love Chinese foods; in fact one of our favorite restaurants is North Park. Mann-Yan is an authentic Chinese restaurant that is why I enjoy eating a lot. Haha. Since we already have the food upon arrival, I didn't get a chance to know her orders, so in this blog I assume all the food names that we ordered.

For the rice, she ordered Yang-chow rice. The rice was too sticky and a little bit arctic, maybe because she ordered it a head of time.

Yang-Chow Fried Rice

She ordered Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet which is one of the most popular dishes in Chinese restaurant. I love the flavor combination of sweet and sour added by some vegetables that makes it more mouth-watering.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

She added Beef with Broccoli Flower. Honestly, I love vegetables that is why I grab some broccoli flower when I saw it. Haha.

Beef with Broccoli Flower

Yen also ordered for Lechon Macau. There is no special thing about the dish but it is more tasty specially when you deep in a highly spiced sauce.

Lechon Macau

And for the final main dish, the Spicy Spare Ribs with Salt Pepper.

Spicy Spare Ribs

By the way, she also added Siomai and soup but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures for that. Sorry.

Of course, we take advantage of this event to have picture taking.

hhmm.. best friend or couple???

Group Pictures

Birthday girl with our special gift

North Drive, Anson's Building
Ayala Avenue, Makati City