Our Scrapbook

July is a very special month for both of us because in this month we celebrate our anniversary. Since we are vocal and very sentimental person about our love, we also make it a point that every things or paraphernalia that we shared together will be treasured; the first movie tickets, the first trip, the first food trip receipts and tissue and so on and so forth. I really love to keep those things and put it in a scrapbook. So I'm proudly present our 1st ever scrapbook.

The cover sheet which is done and personalized by yours truly.

Our 1st ever studio shoot and our 1st picture when we 1st met.

Followed by our message to each other. (Confidential of course!) Haha.

Dates to remember (Important dates that happened to us)

One of the most important part of our scrapbook is the list of our first time together.

At the remembrance page, you will see the most important stuff for both of us.

The receipts from our food trip.

Our 1st pictures together during our out of town trip and special occasion.

Last but not the least, our promise to each other. (Confidential also!) Hehe.

And as of this moment, we continue to collects our memorabilia (movie tickets, receipts, plane tickets, entrance tickets and tissue from different restaurant that Ian and I tried) and placed it to our new scrapbook.

It's so happy to be in-love all the times.. ^_^