Couple in pair shirts

Since all of you know that Ian and I really love to be in pair of shirts, here are some of our pictures wearing our couple shirt during special events.

There was a story behind every t-shirt we wear. I try my best to give at least few tale about it.

1. Honey 24 Shirt - Our 1st ever couple shirt. Ian gave this to me as his gift for our 3rd monthsary. (October 24, 2006)

2. Duffy Duck Shirt -We bought this shirt for our Holy Week Getaway at Palawan way back 2008.

3. 2nd Honey 24 Shirt - I love this shirt! Ian gave this to me as his gift for our 3rd year anniversary. The first we wear this couple shirt was during our anniversary celebration at Boracay last July 24, 2009.

4. Boracay Shirt - Webrought last July 26, 2009 after our Boracay Sweet Escape.

5. Collezione Shirt - We buy this shirt to proved that we are proud to be a Filipino..

6. Disneyland Shirt - This shirt is also special for both of us. Our dear friend Jack gave this shirt from HK Disneyland.

7. Vigan Shirt - Our group in F21 decided to buy this shirt after our Ilocos Escapade last December 2009 because of catchy words printed on a shirt.

8. Picture Shirt - I love this shirt also! This one is from our dear friend Joseph as his Christmas gift for us.

9. F21 Shirt - Our photography club official shirt c/o Joseph.

10. Me and U Shirt - Our latest couple shirt which Ian gave to me as his special gift.

We are still looking for another couple shirt to be dressed in our next trip on July! ^___^